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  • promotion points

    Where can I find info about promotion points for the guard? Specific info about maxing out different categories and how many points certain items are.

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    Re: promotion points

    Just check out DA Form 4100. Each category aside from evaluation has 75 potential points. The easiest category to max is probably correspondance course hours. SSD 1 is mandatory for anyone wanting to advance. It's 80 hours worth of credit. Every 5 hours completed is 1 promotion point. SSD 1 as well as 3,4 and 5 are worth 16 points. I did SSD 1 and 3 which gave me 32 points. You'll have to complete the courses for advancement anyways so I decided to go ahead and knock two of them out. There are any E-Learning courses available that anyone with slight knowledge of a variety of practical subjects can complete in 10 minutes. The 1 hour courseware is the quickest category for this. So, in effect, you can get one promotion point for probably 30 minutes of work. I set aside weekends for these courses and maxed out the category within a matter of weeks. These courses also are worth retirement points. Military resident hours is another category most people overlook. Volunteer or let your readiness NCO know that you are willing to go to any school he can get you. I'm going to an ASI course at Leonard Wood in June. Upon completion, my resident training hours will be at 70 out of the possible 75. Ofcourse college hours are important also. Resources are readily available to fund enrollment and courses. Again, most people overlook this category. Every hour is worth a point. And the education is free. It's a win win. Ofcourse the APFT, IWQ and Awards speak to themselves. But the 3 categories that most soldiers, particularly guardsmen, overlook are Correspondance hours, Resident Training hours, and College Credit hours. If you max these categories you stand to gain 250 points from these alone, which in my experience puts you about 200 points above the average guardsmen. Invest in a CAC reader and max out ACCP hours. It is the most readily available source of promotion points. You could get 10 points strictly from ACCP before you go to bed tonight. The system is geared towards promoting soldiers who actively engage in self development. I'm an E-4 so my comments may seem void. But I've already maxed out 2 categories. And those categories will remain maxed for the rest of my career. Once my TIG is sufficient to warrant promotion I'm confident in getting my 5. Hopefully this info helped. If you have any questions about ACCP feel free to ask. I practically made it my life for 5 weeks.


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      Re: promotion points

      AR 600-8-19 Chapter 7.