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    Hey Guys,

    Before i started my question, I just wanna say Thank you for your service to those who are in service right now, I'm a new member of the military, Swore in last thursday.

    Right now i have a question, It a dumb question and also might be offended. But i just want an honest opinion.

    1.I know the Uniform Rules, But i still see many soldier wearing it in public anyways, So my question would be... If i swore in, and let say i have a legit acu uniform, is it ok if i wear it to a public and show it to my uncle and then change back to civilian clothe?

    Yes i know is a dumb question, but i just wondering, you know because i seen some say negative thing, some say positive, Some of my friend say is ok as long as you wear it right or don't go around and cause trouble.

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    Re: Question

    As a member of the Reserve Component, you should by rule of thumb not wear the uniform unless you are in an official duty status (i.e. it is your drill weekend). There are some exceptions which are listed below, pulled from AR 670-1.

    30–2. Wear of the uniform by members of the Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve

    a. All members of the ARNG and USAR on any form of paid or unpaid inactive duty, active duty, annual training, or full-time National Guard, or AGR duty will wear the uniform and insignia prescribed for personnel in the Active Army. Army National Guard and USAR personnel are authorized to wear the Army uniform on the following occasions.

    b. When ARNG AND USAR personnel are within the limits of the United States or its possessions. Army National Guard and USAR personnel not on active duty may wear the Army uniform only as follows.

    (1) When participating in reserve training assemblies (inactive duty training), exercises, conferences, or ceremonies in an official capacity as members of the ARNG or the USAR under competent orders.
    (2) When engaged in military instruction or in attendance as a student under appropriate orders at any school or course of instruction under the auspices of the armed forces or the reserve components.
    (3) When instructors at an educational institution conducting courses of instruction approved by the armed forces, or when responsible for military discipline at like institutions.
    (4) When attending social functions or informal gatherings of a military character. All current and former soldiers will conform to the wear and appearance standards in this regulation while wearing the uniform under the provisions of this chapter.
    (5) When enrolled as undergraduates in educational institutions in which there is an active ROTC unit or an established USAR unit. Individuals may wear the uniforms and insignia of their grade only upon such occasions expressly desired or authorized by the professor of military science, or other proper official of the school. Members of the USAR attending institutions at which military training is considered as required curricular activity are authorized, and may be required to wear, the uniform prescribed by the institution, including the insignia of any grade or rating held in the student unit.
    (6) Army National Guard military technicians who are required to wear the uniform as a condition of their employment will wear the uniform for their federally recognized grades, as prescribed by the Adjutant General of their state, commonwealth, territory, or district.
    (7) U. S. Army Reserve technicians who are also members of the U.S. Army Reserve may wear the Army uniform at their option while performing in their civil service status.

    c. When outside the limits of the United States or its possessions. Army National Guard and USAR personnel not on active duty and outside the limits of the United States or its possessions will not wear the Army uniform, unless granted authority by HQDA. However, on occasions of military ceremony or other military functions in a foreign country, ARNG and USAR personnel may be granted authority to wear the Army uniform after they have their status accredited by the nearest Army attaché. In a foreign country that does not have an Army attaché, however, ARNG and USAR personnel must obtain authority to wear the Army uniform for a specific occasion from the military authorities of the country concerned.

    d. Army National Guard personnel also may wear the Army uniform in the performance of State service, when authorized to do so by their State Adjutant General.


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      Re: Question

      You can either take a photo and email it to your uncle or put it in a bag while you walk to your uncle's house. Then when you arrive, go to the bathroom and change and model it for him. Boots or no boots.


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        Re: Question

        I only wear mine if I'm going to a restaurant and I'm short on cash.


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          Re: Question

          There have been quiet a few discussions on this subject, so you may do a search to find more info.

          If you head straight to your uncles after a drill day and don't change out that would normally be fine. A lot of soldiers drive home in ACU's stopping at the store or to get gas and that is fine. The general rule (unless your command says otherwise) is to change out in a timely manner. For many that means when they get home, making small stops along the way if necessary. Now if you put the uniform on and its saturday of a non-drill weekend and your walking around the mall then someone might say something. But once you know all of the restrictions about what you can and can't do in uniform then you probably won't want to go too many places wearing it.

          Just make sure you talk with your cadre and know the rules about the proper customs and courtesies and what is allowed and not allowed when in uniform in public places.


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            Re: Question

            Originally posted by Lance13A View Post
            I only wear mine if I'm going to a restaurant and I'm short on cash.
            Best reply EVER! LOL.

            On a serious note, to and from drill is fine. Other than that, DONT DO IT!

            Cadre basically said, if you are caught in public with it (non drill days or whatnot) and seen by an plain clothes high ranking officer, you are going to get grilled.


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              Re: Question

              Plain and simple: have respect for the uniform. It's not ok to throw on acu's to go see your uncle. However If you are on the way to drill or on the way home from it, stopping by his place for a moment is acceptable.