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Finally enlisted. 68w.

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  • Finally enlisted. 68w.

    After about 3 months of waiting, I was able to swear in yesterday as a 68w.
    My ship date is 20130729 to Fort Jackson
    I'm kind of worried about basic, I'm not in the best shape and I don't like people yelling at me.
    I really want to do well in basic though. Any tips on what I should do? And if anyone who has gone to Fort Jackson for basic wouldn't mind telling me about their experience I would greatly appriciate it.
    -Thank you!

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    Re: Finally enlisted. 68w.

    I was at FT Jackson from August 3rd to Oct 18th a few years ago and from a weather standpoint it wasn't that bad for the most part. There were days that were hot and humid, but overall the weather was really nice. When you PT in the morning it was actually really nice out (I'm from Arizona, so our idea of hot can be different from a lot of places). Usually PT was from 0530 to about 0630 and then personal hygien till 0700 when it's time for breakfast. Train all day and then personal time from 2000 (8 in the evening) till 2100 when it was lights out. When I was there the females didn't do fire guard duty at night, but instead did time in the company office on weekends for 2 hr shifts. Around October the temperature in the morning really dropped and it was cold, but the days were awesome and cool.

    Reception lasts about a week and that is long and boring, but then your off to training and the tempo really picks up. Drill SGTs are going to yell, a lot. It just happens. You will be smoked a lot and pushed beyond what you really thought you could do, but in the end, you find you are stronger than you think. When I arrived I could barely run a mile, but by the time I left I was running the 2 miles in under 16min (which was great for me). You will do a lot of ruck marching, with about 35lbs on your back, but you work up to the weight and the distances so you are prepared for each distance as they get longer and longer. I actually liked the marches because that meant we weren't getting smoked.

    Monday through Friday you will train all days with it usually officially ending about 6:30 or 7:00 in the evening, but you will clean your weapon just about day (whether you use it or not) till about 7:30 or 8:00 when you get released for personal hygien. For us we were pretty much left alone till lights out. Saturdays were usually pretty relaxed with some training on the fields right around the barracks, but nothing long and drawn out (mostly just to keep us occupied out out of trouble). Then Sundays were religious services, barracks cleaning day and laundry. We were left alone to get what we needed to done, but if we didn't get it done then on Monday we would get smoked a lot. So we made sure to always do the cleaning as well as possible on Sunday. Usually there was only one or two drill sgts around on Sundays and they just wanted to sit in the office and watch the football games.

    I could keep going on and on about my experience, and others on here that graduated more recently may chime in. But if you want more info from me just let me know specific questions you have and I will try and answer.

    Good luck.


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      Re: Finally enlisted. 68w.

      My female friend was there March - May '12 and she did do firewatch.


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        Re: Finally enlisted. 68w.

        Congratulations on 68W. Fort Sam Is tough, You'll wish you were back at basic training, Im serious. but stick it out...The first 2 months are hell...Keep your grades up and dont mess up cause if you do then the next 2 months are hell as well... But stay out of trouble and keep good grades and you'll have alot more freedom and it'll start to get better.

        Ask any questions about 68W School you'd like, i just graduated and am now with my unit. And best of luck if your with Alpha company.....Hahahhahaha.