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Split Op Changing Unit Between BCT and AiT?

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  • Split Op Changing Unit Between BCT and AiT?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm currently attending a local community college, with plans to go to BCT this summer, and then AiT in the summer of 2014. I also plan to transfer and start attending UC Berkeley or UC Santa Barbara in the fall of 2014. If UCB doesn't accept me, I will be attending UCSB. I'm currently slotted as an 11B infantryman in the 184th, B co. I will find out if I got accepted to UCB in spring of 2014, but in the event that I don't get accepted there, I will be attending UCSB instead. I have a guaranteed transfer agreement for UCSB, so it's a sure deal if I don't get into UCB. Seeing as UCSB is a 6 hour drive away from my currently slotted infantry unit, is it possible to switch to a different infantry unit located closer to UCSB before I ship for AiT?

    If it helps, I'm also planning to sign an SMP contract with ROTC for whichever school I end up transferring to. I'm already a non-contracted cadet in the UCB program.
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    Re: Split Op Changing Unit Between BCT and AiT?

    It would be in your best interest to take a semester off and complete OSUT all the way through. changing your split op contract is duable if you talk to your recruiter. That way you will receive your GI Bill, TA, and the national guard grants from your state. Taking a semester off isn't that big of a deal. A lot of recruits do this so don't be afraid.

    You can transfer to a unit closer to your school, but this all depends on what units int the area have slots. the processing time varies as well. This is typically done through what ever unit you drill with at the time. There is a 4th year cadet in my battalion who had to wait 6 months for the paper work to transfer between units. Of course this was largely because the unit he was in is infamous for not being cadet friendly (this is an understatement). I was told by an nco at my local rsd unit that usually if you live over three hours away they will push for a slot in a closer unit.

    getting an smp contract is easier said than done especially right now. If you have a STEM degree, a 270 pt score, and a gpa over 3.0 you should be okay.

    Be aware that UC Berkley is extremely anti american and anti military. The anti rotc sentiments are still present from the 1960's


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      Re: Split Op Changing Unit Between BCT and AiT?

      I just read on Army Times that due to sequester, AIT may be cut. That is amazing. Soldier goes directly from BCT to home station. Supposedly, it is an option being considered when cutting manpower but I find that suggestion ludicrous.


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        Re: Split Op Changing Unit Between BCT and AiT?

        Thanks for the replies! I know a lot of people who have suggested I get basic and AiT done in one go via OSUT, but for me to get enough credits to make the transfer to a 4 year university on my planned schedule, I absolutely need to go to school for the fall 2013 semester. On another note, UC Berkeley's ROTC is actually not as resented by the locals as most people think. I'm in my second semester with the battalion, and local people have been pretty supportive, if not reserved in their opinions.

        Thank you Jackal, for letting me know about the difficulty in getting an SMP contract. I will definitely keep that in mind when the time comes for me to transfer.

        If anyone has any more information that they think would help, it would be greatly appreciated.


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          Re: Split Op Changing Unit Between BCT and AiT?

          I don't see why you need to make a transfer on a planned schedule but whatever suits you best. Skipping a semester just means you would enroll in Spring 2014 which is Jan-Feb instead of August 2013. And thousands of people will be coming in during that semester anyway.