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Pregnant Before returning to AIT?

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  • Pregnant Before returning to AIT?

    Hey, I am in college and am doing Split Option. So I will return to AIT to finish training in May.
    If I was to become pregnant before then, would this cancel my contract with the Guard? Or could I continue training after having the baby? I have been getting contradicting answers, so I came here. Please help! Thanks...

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    Re: Pregnant Before returning to AIT?

    You shouldn't be "kicked out" by getting pregnant in between training (side note: unfortunately, some recruits make irrational decisions during training, if you know what I mean. If that happens, the result is likely some kind of disciplinary action, but still not an automatic "get out" card). What would happen is that you would be placed on a temporary profile that would bar you from doing any strenuous physical activity through the duration of your pregnancy. You will likely stay with either your RSP unit or, if you are already at your actual unit, you'll just continue to drill there until the baby is born. I believe you have 6 months to get back in shape to take a record APFT. I suspect this is around the time when you could schedule AIT. One thing I'm not sure on is if you may run into a time crunch on when you need to have to complete your initial training. Again, it's my understanding that you need to have your initial training completed within 2 years of enlistment or you could be chaptered out. There's plenty of Admins on here that can chime in on more specifics, but the general answer is, being pregnant does not disqualify you from completing your training, let alone continuing your military career.