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  • Basic Training

    Hey guys.

    I enlisted with a DoDMERB and apparently orders came down that you can only go to basic with a Chapter - 2 Physical. So, right before I enlisted I was told I couldn't go to basic, and my ship date was scrubbed.

    With that said, is there a way around this? Can I request a chapter 2 so I can go to basic? My recruiter is already attempting to fix this for me, and I'm not trying to make any waves by asking; I just wanted to see if anyone had any other options available to help me out.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Basic Training

    If I were you I'd try to get in at least a couple RSP drills before going to basic. At least you won't be looking around like a frightened lost puppy like most of the other regular Army recruits looked when they shipped straight from MEPS. It also won't be such a soul-crushing experience to go through shark attack downrange if you've already had a taste of how Drill Sergeants function during RSP. You'll learn about drill and ceremony, taking an APFT, and developing the proper mindset. While doing that you can work on getting a ship date.