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To reenlist or not to reenlist.

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  • To reenlist or not to reenlist.

    Well I am at a crossroad in my National Guard career. I am on my sixth year in the guard, started out as a E-1 Finally got promoted to E-4 in 2009. Volunteered for my second deployment in 2011 and after I transferred units I got a basic run of the mill, promotion packet from the new unit; after only two drills, so they really couldn't have graded me accordingly; and admitted to doing so. So with a sub-par position on the promotion list I don't expect to get promoted until after my next packet. however, I am currently deployed to Afghanistan and it so happens that a Florida National Guard is offering a 10k six year bonus deal, that's pro-rated, so the longer you wait the less you get.
    So I probably will get a pretty decent truck driving job after I get back from deployment. Therefore not really needing the national guard job, and I would be losing money during ATs, and other drills that actually cuts into the work week. And after two deployments in two years I'm a little burned out. However it is easy money.
    So outside of being a little pissed for not being promoted yet, and I have seen three E-4s get promoted that were below the 400 point cut-off; granted they were in other MOSs. I am a little disgusted, and I just don't know what I want to do.
    A little guidance?

    And before I get reamed for being ungrateful about other people promotions, I know you can't choose who is put over you. It's just a little aggravating to have someone that you were over for all of pre-mob and mob training and that is totally ate up to get promoted over you, and treat you as if they forgot where they came from.

    So short story long, to reenlist or not to reenlist?
    Thanks is advance

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    Re: To reenlist or not to reenlist.

    I have a few recommendations:
    1. Don't join for the bonus. If you wouldn't join without it, don't join with it. That money will vanish like a puff of smoke, yet you'll still need to drill. The only thing the bonus should do is make you sign up quicker, presuming that you would have signed up anyway.
    2. This is your life, and your career, so don't let other people make your decision for you -- and particularly don't let people you don't respect make the decision for you. If you refuse to re-enlist because you're ticked off at someone, you've basically let him make your decision for you. Oh, and BTW, the person you don't like has no idea, and lives his life unaffected by your choice.
    3. Current economics is an important consideration, but also look at long-term economics. While your promotion may not happen for another year, it'll happen. Then a few years later, another one. Those are different economics, so consider them as well. You may also have unused benefits (e.g., health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, educational benefits, state-specific benefits) that you aren't using, which may change the short-term economics.
    4. In all situations you have good and bad, so in addition to economics look at the personal factors. Do you have some sense of personal development or fulfillment? Do you gain unique experiences? You really can't buy those, so they have unique value.

    I can't tell you whether or not you should re-enlist, I just want you to make an intelligent decision for the right reasons, and not for petulance or spite.


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      Re: To reenlist or not to reenlist.

      Well I definitely wouldn't let someone pissing me off, or getting advanced ahead of me decide whether or not I'd reenlist. I also definitely agree about the bonus. It would be gone too soon. I guess I have a lot to weigh for now.


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        Re: To reenlist or not to reenlist.

        The bonus will likely be gone soon whether you take it or not. I am surprised there is at least 1 state out there offering them anymore.

        One piece of advice I always tell people is that it is generally easier to get in, than get out. If you re-enlist and sometime life changing happens the next month, you're locked in. If you get out and decide a month later you want back in, those steps are relatively easy to take.

        For me, it was my wife getting pregnant a month after I got out. Had I re-enlisted, I would have done a tour in Afghanistan within a year following that. I feel the wrath of a pregnant filipino Jersey girl would have been the greater enemy.
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          Re: To reenlist or not to reenlist.

          Stick with your guns either way. Sure, 10K sounds like a lot right now, but truly, what's the price on that? Six years of your life right there, signed, and that bonus will go away far before you're still drilling most likely. There's no amount the Guard can offer to keep me at this point. It's not that I hate it in the Guard, I'm just not the kinda dude who is swayed by money like that. Time truly is money, and if you could truly see your self spending over half a decade going to drill for 10 grand, and that thought makes you happy, go for it.