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  • Interstate Transfer

    I'm trying to IST from the Indiana Guard to the Texas Guard. I am already in Texas, I was trying to do an uncoordinated IST, but when I got here, all the units I called said that they were locked until further notice. I called the Texas IST Coordinator and the lady there said that I need to talk to my unit first, then go through the Indiana IST Coordinator, and then they will talk to her. That's a coordinated IST. I explained that to her and she said she could not help me out. When I tried to talk to my unit prior to moving to Texas, they said that they would try and put a packet together for me, which never happened. Does anyone know where I should go from here? Thanks.

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    Re: Interstate Transfer

    Based on what you've posted, it sounds like, if you can get the help of a coordinator, this is your next best option; especially if units in Texas have no available slots. I'm not quite sure why you are purposely avoiding a coordinated IST. Are you trying to avoid dealing with your unit?

    Keep in mind, unless you are excused from drills in Indiana, you will have to attend training until you get transferred to a unit in Texas.
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      Re: Interstate Transfer

      He is avoiding a cordinated IST for the same reason I have twice previously in my career....they are painfull. And they are never really "coordinated". You have to rely on too many people actually doing their job, which doesn't happen, and you end up getting a nastygram about missing drill because IST cordinator snuffy fell off the planet.

      To the OP.....DON"T CALL. Go out, meet readiness NCO's, introduce yourself. Find a place to SUTA, make an impression, and when a slot opens up have them swear you in on the spot. You will have much more success doing it that way than waiting on anyone to do it for you.


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        Re: Interstate Transfer

        I can see where avoiding the hassle is desirable.

        FYI, here's what I found on the Texas NG website and how they addresses uncoordinated IST:

        "Occasionally, Soldiers relocate quickly without ample time to properly coordinate their transfer. When this occurs, Soldiers must contact their current unit of assignment immediately to request an excused absence from training in order to find another unit in the new State (up to 90 days). Please note that you will be required to attend all scheduled drill assemblies with your current unit if this excusal is not granted."

        It also lists the process for a coordinated IST if you want to pursue this option, OP.


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          Re: Interstate Transfer

          Iam trying to find the IST Cordinator for WV, I just moved back to Pittsburgh area. Any ideas on a number can't find it online