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    Hey guys, never posted on here, seems to be 99% folks trying to enlist or just enlisted and not gone to boot yet, I am an E5, came in 05 as an OSUT 13B, reclassed in 06 as a Russian linguist/97E, which is now 35M. My slowest year has been 200 days active duty since I enlisted. Deployed multiple times to combat zones and state side. Currently deployed stateside on 1 year title 10 orders. I have a 3 day break before I am sent to DLI again for Chinese. Now I am not positive if those orders are 18 months, but I know that you must have 18 months remaining on active duty to have lasik done.

    Now in my case, I think it is extremely unfair that I cannot just have lasik. I also just re-enlisted. I will be active in the Army until 2018, then I'll re-enlist. I'm a soldier, and I do it full time, just in the Guard. We don't do 18 month orders, I just happen to be going to an 18 month school

    Has anyone gotten around the 18 month requirement with any type of waiver, or know of a loophole program, or is my only option to write to the senators on the ludicrousity of the situation? My wife is AD and got PRK with less than a year left on her contract, so I know it is possible for AD at least. I am in the JBLM area by the way.

    PS I'm not interested in barracks lawyers responding, please don't waste your time or mine unless you are familiar with the situation (ie. have first or second hand knowledge)

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    Re: Current Lasik

    I'm not sure I understand what kind of waiver you are asking about. A waiver for the surgery or for the school?

    Are you unable to extend your Title 10 orders past 18 months to ensure the procedure is covered?


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      Re: Current Lasik

      To the OP,......

      The only way I have seen people get elective type procedures done that normally wouldn't have been funded has been if the location/surgeon was incredibly slow and they had to do an elective surgery almost for the purposes of training and continuing medical education. Soldiers wives have been known to get some fake hooters that way believe it or not.

      This probably wont be the case with LASIK.
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