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13F Fire Support Specialist Questions

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  • 13F Fire Support Specialist Questions

    Hey guys! Im a high school student who is planning on joining the guard when i get done with school. Ive talked to a recruiter and he said depending on the MOS you choose, will decide how many times youre deployed. How many times would i be deployed as a 13F?

    Is a 13F a dangerous MOS? I know its not as safe as an administrative position but is it as dangerous as Infantry? Overall do you guys like 13F as your MOS?

    Thanks alot everyone. Im sure ill have more questions soon!

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    Re: 13F Fire Support Specialist Questions

    It is all very subjective on what unit you go to, and other various factors. Deployments are slowing down overall, meaning less deployments than usual. That said, there seems to be a shortage of FOs and many units (Field Artillery, Infantry, other combat arm types) that go outside the war, particularly in Afghanistan, like to have a section of FO's at their disposal. If you get slotted into an Infantry battalion and are deployed in a "conventional" sense: I.e. sent to an infantry platoon for the duration, it is just as dangerous. But, you could spend time as an FO section doing convoy security (Iraq 2010) or as the battalion fires section, keeping track of things at the HQ.

    I like being a 13F in a light infantry battalion because all I have to worry about is walking, rucking, humvees and a radio. When attached to an infantry platoon, we're either treated well or horrible. Either as a great asset, or an unwanted add on. The Field Artillery guys think we're behind them because we don't have as much experience with digital communications and other things seen in "heavier" units, but truth be told ive only ever been in an infantry unit. I've been near the artillery gun line once in 6 years. Besides that, it's fun shooting with the battalion mortars/rolling around with the infantry and seeing how it all fits together. Definitely awesome to blow things up, but it isn't for everybody.