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3 week at pay question

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  • 3 week at pay question

    Hey Soldiers,

    I recently completed at, it was a total of 21 to 23 days, I think there was a combination of at/drill involved. My question is what should i be paid for these 3 weeks and couple days? I was a week out from coming home at AT and checked my account to find a deposit of $1048. I'm in the state of ca and heard from an nco that the last week of at would be paid separately by the state.

    Are there any paper pushers here that have an answer as to how much total I should receive and where it is coming from/would they both paying serpately? I'm a bit curious because my pay is continually wrong at this unit.

    I'm an e-3 with less than 2 years.


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    Re: 3 week at pay question

    We can't really answer the question without knowing how many days were drill and how many days were AT. Either way, your state is paying you for both. The drill check may come on a seperate LES, but it is still being processed by your state the same as AT.


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      Re: 3 week at pay question

      It could also depend on how they cut your orders. With orders less than 30 days you don't get a pay check till the very end of your orders, which for many soldiers is a long time to not get paid any money. So, it could be possible that your orders were split in 3. One set of orders for the first 15 days then the second set for the last 7 days. Finally the MUTA 4 at the end. This way you get paid after the first 15 days, then you get paid a little later for the last 7 days then even later still for the MUTA 4. Dicing it up like this can really help those soldiers who live week to week on thier civilian pay checks.


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        Re: 3 week at pay question

        The $1048 is "likely" the net amount of your approximately $1307 you would have recieved for 21 AT days. You didn't specify if you would get BAH II, which would have brought that up considerably. We can assume you had two drill days (days 22-23)either at the beginning or the end of AT. You would make $249 for that period. Best thing to do is log onto and look at your LES.