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35M or 35P?

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  • 35M or 35P?

    Hey Everyone,

    So i've been working with my recruiter for quite a while now and have narrowed down my jobs to either 35M or 35P. I'm wondering what are the differences between the jobs. Which would be considered more, "high speed"? How do they set you up for future careers with three letter agencies? What's a typical day like in the MOS? My eventual goal is to get attached to the SF Unit, so how would these MOS's play into that? I really am looking for an exciting career field with the military, one in which I would get to be making a real difference and doing real things. I'm not opposed to office work but I'd much rather by outside the wire doing something with my hands, and I'm definitely not opposed to being exposed to combat. So could anyone help me out? Preferably someone who has been in the MOS. Thanks!

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    Then you would want to go with 35M. 35P is predominately in the rear with the gear.
    But one caveat, if you want real experience in either MOS then I highly recommend you pursue enlistment/service with active duty Army rather than ARNG. Plus, all those three-letter agencies actually put more credence toward certain four year degrees versus intel MOSs.