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infantry duties while deployed

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  • infantry duties while deployed

    What do you actually do while deployed will I actually get to go on patrols or would I just sit in the rear with the gear. What's the difference between being active and guard, duty wise? Will there be more "action" as active? Thanks

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    It depends on your mission and deployment area. As an infantryman, you will likely do more "outside the wire" than most soldiers will. I was attached to an Infantry company while deployed, and we went on patrols just about every day (and often more than once in the same day). That was on active duty, so experiences may vary. Depending on where and when you go, you could be focused more on training locals and guarding FOBs.


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      Dude it could go from mild to wild. If we go to no-joke war you very well could be in a maneuver element expected to seek, close with, and destroy the enemy. Or... you could get sent to fight Ebola in West Africa by.... wait I have no clue how infantry will fight ebola... sounds like the docs should be on that.

      Seriously though, infantry is infantry. You train to fight and that is your basic job duty. What you might end up doing, though, is helping to clean up after a tsunami or hurricane. Or helping provide security in Kosovo. Or just security in general. You could help train foreign nationals. There are tons of things that you could be tasked to do... from guard duty (the worst) to actual combat ops (even worse, but it's what everyone who signs up to be a grunt wants until they finally get it).