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To settle or not to settle...

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  • To settle or not to settle...

    I am finally to that point where I can enlist. I got my lasik waiver yeah! But now the MOS available are not what I am looking for. I want anythng in the 68 but it is not available at this moment. Like my recruiter said, I scored well enough to get it when available. So should I wait for it or settle for something else?!? How easy is it to change MOS later??

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    It's possible to change your MOS later but there's no guarantee. You might have a better chance if you can get into a medical unit with a different MOS with the hopes of changing once one opens up. A few questions for you. What State are you in? How far would you be willing to travel? How do you know there are no 68 series MOS's?

    Ask your Recruiter what other MOS's are available within reasonable commuting distance. Once you have those, come back and we (forum) can better advise you.


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      I live in Florida, Palm Beach county. My recruiter sent me a list of available Mos at this moment in the whole state. None was in the medical field. My hubby works for an airline so I do have travel benefits. It didn't really matter how far I have to travel. I just want to be happy with my choice.


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        If you're willing to travel and distance isn't an issue, I'm certain you can find a 68W slot if it's that important to you. You could join as a 68W in another state and upon completion of BCT & AIT transfer back to FLA.