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Advice from current recruits about MOS

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  • Advice from current recruits about MOS

    Hi all, I am currently in the process of enlisting just waiting for my MEPS date and testing as well as the ASVAB, I did score 67 on the qualifier while building my packet with my recruiter, my concern is that my recruiter wants me to do infantry 11B (which I have already agreed to but I know I can back out now) I did also qualify for satellite communications I can't remember the code, that is more my field of interest however my recruiter is concerned about me going that route for the MOS because if my credit I told him the last couple of months I gave a few payments late but he tells me that will jepordize me getting the security clearance and thus not being able to get an MOS in IT related I was wondering if there were any other IT MOS out there that did not require clearance, I really do not want to do infantry no offense to anyone, my credit overall has been really great just this last few months I made like 1 or 2 payments late but it was not more than 30 days other than that my credit is pretty good when it comes to making the payments on time (I checked it) and well having my cards maxed out but I have made most of my payments on time

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    Re: Advice from current recruits about MOS

    IT deals with classified data at some point or another. No way around it. But you don't have to have stellar credit to get a security clearance. The 25B MOS certainly could set you up for a prosperous future if you work hard. That clearance is highly sought after by the fed and anyone that works with them.