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68W AIT and College

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  • 68W AIT and College

    Hello all,

    I'll be heading to AIT in February, and I had a weird question. Basically, the way it's going to work out is there is a semester where I only need 1 class to graduate. I figured the best way to go about this was to try to take that class online in the second term of the Spring '14 semester, that way finals will be when I'm out of AIT.

    I was Infantry in the Marines for 6 years, and I'm also a civilian EMT as well as CLS and Live Tissue qualified in the USMC, so hopefully this will be close to a very easy AIT for me. In your opinion, will it be too hard to complete a single online class during AIT? I know that there will be at least 1 week where I will be in the field, but luckily Park University is very lenient and understanding of military duties and doing the work early or late will not be a problem as long as I let the professor know prior to it happening.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Re: 68W AIT and College

    Have you looked at the course requirements? When I was in Afghanistan in 2009-2010, I had to stop taking courses for my master's because of the work requirements and due to flying around on other FOBs.

    When I was in Afghanistan last year as an OIC, I was able to complete four classes downrange and a lot of it was to work on group projects and write papers. I would head to the Ed Center or stay at my shop late on the NIPR computer and finish my work. At first, NIPR computers had issue with Java but the problem was sorted out.

    The point is that there may be variables when at AIT. I figure you may have your own personal computer to work on at your room at night; but I will also gauge the syllabus and course requirements. The last class I took for my master's three months ago was an analysis class that kicked my butt and monopolized my time but I still got an A. I made a good decision to take that class last and by itself. My only two Bs in my class came from satellite and wireless technologies that required high level math knowledge in bandwidth calculations. Taking those two classes at the same time (before I deployed last year), was a killer and resulted in my only two Bs.

    Again, you will have to gauge. I do not think it is impossible to do but AIT does require your maximum attention.


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      Re: 68W AIT and College

      i recommend you wait till you are done with ait because you will simply not have the time to do both. i graduated for the 68 w course in June of this year so i can speak from personal experience.

      the course is supposed to be a one year course but they have it packed into a 16 week course so most of the information you have to take in really quickly and be tested on it in the same week you learn it so you would have to do a lot of studying to make all the material stick.