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15T/Flight Crew Chief Blackhawk

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  • 15T/Flight Crew Chief Blackhawk

    To become a flight crew chief, how long does it take to get from flight line(ground) crew chief to in-flight crew chief?

    Next, taking that answer, would that answer change if you were reenlisting to that 15T MOS as an E5 with 6 years as a 13F10 (Forward Observer)?

    Any tips to getting from ground to flight crew chief on blackhawks the fastest?

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    Re: 15T/Flight Crew Chief Blackhawk

    I'm glad that so many people viewed, 40 views since i posted it late last night, but no comments or answers.
    Come on guys. Your disgruntling a fellow soldier here! lol


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      Re: 15T/Flight Crew Chief Blackhawk

      There is no set time limit. If your unit has an opening in the flight company it will go to whoever the senior leadership (Platoon Sergeants, First Sergeants, Sergeants Major) feel is the best fit for that position. You can be a private straight out of AIT or an E-6.