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89D Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist Help

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  • 89D Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist Help

    I am a SSgt/ E6 in the Marine Corps with 12 years of active service as an Assaultman and am planning on crossing over to the CA National Guard. I would like to go over to become an EOD specialist but was told by a ANG recruiter that there is no EOD units in the National Guard or In CA. My first question is:

    1) Is it true that there are no EOD units in the Guard, even though on the National Guard website advertises it as a job option.

    2) If the recruiter is full of crap and doesn't know what he is talking about and there are EOD units/Jobs in the National Guard what is the process to be screened for the job.

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    Re: 89D Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist Help

    Perhaps you had a bit of miscommunication with him, because California does have an EOD company. Perhaps he meant that there are no vacancies in that company (from my database query, it's not altogether clear if there is a vacancy for you, because the unit is in the middle of a mobilization).

    Other States with EOD detachments: AL, AZ, FL, GA, MA, MI, NY, NC, PR, WA, WV.

    That MOS has extraordinary standards, and a very long AIT. It may not be something that works for you, so aside from whatever issues you have with the recruiter, you may be happier with another MOS.


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      Re: 89D Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist Help

      Thank you for the clarification, after doing some research I did find the EOD company in CA the 217th Ordanace company. Based off their requirements I do meet all of them. I do realize that I may have to take a reduction in rank to E5 in order to fill any vacancies which I am willing to do if I am accepted into their MOS. The main reason for me going to that MOS is that being an E6 in the Marine Corps I am too senior to move to their MOS. As far as the length of their AIT I am not to worried about it after working with EOD Marines and Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan it's worth it. If it doesn't work out though I am thinking about Counter Intelligence as a second option. Thanks again for the info.
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        Re: 89D Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist Help

        You might want to contact a different recruiter, the Regular Army just cut off all E5s from attending NAVSCOLEOD effective immediately. I'm not sure if the national guard followed suit or not. I did attend school with a few E5 national guard guys but that was before the change. But as the sir stated it is a really long school, you would attend about 9 weeks at Ft Lee in Virginia then 7-9 months (depending on how well you do) at Eglin AFB at NAVSCOLEOD. Trust me it is well worth it if you make it through the school. Just be aware that there is a decent chance you will fail out. From my original class at the very beginning of the program only 6/25 actually got pinned. We had a class with everyone from E1-E5 and O1-O3 in it. I watched plenty of E5(P)s fail out of the program, as well as numerous graduates of the Citadel. The school is no joke. Anyways, I recommend just calling the CA unit directly. They will give you no BS answers on everything you want to know.