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Help please just got back from MEPS

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  • Help please just got back from MEPS

    Hello earlier today i went to MEPS and I passed everything on the full medical by flying colors except when the doctor went to go check my hear rate, He said it should like I have a heart murmur and this was new news to me, so they froze my enlistment until I go to a cardiologist and get my heart check out. Which makes me ask about this on the fourms is that the doctor could only hear the murmur when I was sitting down, he tried to listen to it when I was standing and laying down but he couldn't hear it. I was wondering if it wasn't a murmur and my heart was acting weird because I was nervous I run a few miles everyday and work out on a daily basis and never experience any issues with my heart or breathing, has anyone else had an experience like this if so please post tips and try to help me out, the only thing I want to do is join the military. The doctor also had to check a couple of time because he wasn't sure he was hearing something but when my recruiter came he tried to have another doctor look at me but they refused. I didn't get DQed they just are waiting until I see a cardiologist.

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    Just wait to see the specialist or go see one yourself. Either way, good luck.