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MEPS Eye Consult Question!

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  • MEPS Eye Consult Question!


    I'd like to began to say that I've been actively trying to enlist into the National Guard since August 2013. I was temp. DQ for a refractive error, so the doctors wanted me to go to a consult. I finally got a consult date in November 2013 but I was 2 lbs over my weight and 1% BF over, so they temp DQ'd me again for weight. In March 2014, I lost a lot of weight (8lbs) and I went back to MEPS to get weighed so my consult could be rescheduled. I finally got word back that my consult is on May 27, after I graduate from High School. I've been searching the web on what the consult exactly is and I've see post saying that the consult just determines whether or not you need a waiver but if everything's okay, you won't need one. I'm just curious to know and since I'm about to graduate, I've been wondering even more.


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    I'm no opthamologist, so I won't try to tell you what they do at your consult but I will tell you that they're likely to get an acurate measure of your eye refraction. If it's 8.0 or less, a medical waiver will be submitted and very likely approved in less than two weeks.

    I've dealt with this issue a couple of times over the past few years. Typically, if you've been recommended for a consult, there's a fair chance you'll get the waiver approved.

    Keep us updated & best of luck!!


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      Here's an update! I went to my consult today! I didn't stay in the MEPs hotel, my recruiter came at 5am to come pick me up and drop me off at MEPs. I did height/weight and talked to the doctor about any new/ or lack there of medical problems. I'm proud to say I've drop 2 lbs since I went last! Last time I attended and was DQ I was 153, and now, I'm a good 143! but once I finished my height/weight/peeing in the cup, I waited with 2 other people in the cafeteria to go to my consult. It's weird how they use a whole bus to transport only 3 people. But we went and the lady at the front desk made up fill out general paper work and make sure you have a VALD STATE ID and your SOCIAL SECURITY. Mine was expired, but I applied for a new one, so they let me continue. I think the actual waiting for the exam is the longest waiting process. Out of the 3 of us, we got there around 8:15am and the first person was called around 9:30. We ended at 12:30ish and I swear i was going to die from hunger lol! But the doctor did basic exam stuff like covering each eye and reading the lowest line, and then she put numbing drops into my eyes and made me look into this machine with a blue light. Then she made me look through the machine and just tell her which lenses I could see out of better and she also used this refractive error machine? to test my eyes? I'm not sure, but there was a balloon that I had to stare at. Finally, I took a corneal topography and she dilated my eyes. The real doctor came in and just looked at my eyes with this magnifine glass and he said my eyes are healthy! but of course, it's not up to him. My vision was -8.75 in both eyes, which I find kind of strange because I know both my eyes aren't at the same level, but who am I to argue with the doctor? They gave me my own prescription for lenses and my DVA is 20/25 in my right eye and 20/20 in my left. After everyone's paperwork was done, they sealed all our results in a enveloped and we went back to MEPs. We gave our work to the person at the medical control desk and ate lunch. After, we went to our liasons office and then on of the eyes in the office escorted me out to my recruiters van.Overall, the process was extremely long. I didn't get home until 2:30pm, but hopefully I can hear some good news soon! I don't know about other MEPs but the liaisons people the National Guard Office are extremely nice and attentive.


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        I don't mean to revive an old thread however, I felt that I needed to post this because they isn't alot of information about eye waivers for the guard. I just got a call from my recruiter today, my waiver was approved! I'm going to MEPs on Thursday to swear in! It took about a month and a couple days after my recruiter submitted my paperwork! I've been trying to get into the Guard since August of 2013!