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Bump in the road enlisting. Need your help!

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  • Bump in the road enlisting. Need your help!

    Hello all, I want to start off by thanking you for taking time to read a little about my situation. I have ran into a little curve in the road and need help. All my life I've wanted to serve in the military. I got a job as a firefighter when I was 18 (now 24) so its kind of been on the back burner. Long story short im healthy, qualified and ready to go. I noticed filling out my paperwork that eczema is disqualifying. That kind of disheartend me as I thought I had that (very mild, treated with body lotion at the most for about ten years). I went to the dermatologist and he stated that I don't have eczema, but I have saborheic dermatitis and hand dermatitis. Now I know the saborheic dermatitis (skin dandruff, very mild) is no issue. My hand dermatitis is my cause for concern. I ride an ambulance so therefore I wash my hands with strong soaps which causes very minor redness on my hands from time to time. I treat it with otc hand lotion and its unnoticable unless I point it out. My question is will this inevitably withhold me from serving? My dermatologist wrote my recruiter a letter stating my situation and that I will have no issues. Will this help at all? Any advice would be great. Like I said it's very mild and easily controlled. It wouldn't be an issue if I didn't use heavily concentrated soaps. Thanks for reading my long spill and god bless you all! Any advice helps!

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    What is your Recruiter's advice on this issue?

    If this is your only issue, it shouldn't prevent you from serving but it will slow the process.


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      I think you've already answered your question.
      " It wouldn't be an issue if I didn't use heavily concentrated soaps. "
      Your doctor stated you do not have eczema

      Looks to me that you're just fine. If you are really worried about it, take a couple days off before you go to MEPS and let your hands heal up.

      Also from the AR 40501
      2-28 Skin and cellular tissues
      b. Current or history of atopic dermatitis (691) or eczema (692) after the 9th birthday does not meet the standard.
      c. Current or history of contact dermatitis (692.4), especially involving materials used in any type of required
      protective equipment, does not meet the standard.


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        Thanks for the help yall. The biggest issue I have is the fact that eczema and the word dermatitis are sometimes used in the same context. I guess mine could be considered contact dermatitis but it wouldn't be a burden what so ever. I where all different sorts of protective equipment in the fire service and have never had an issue. Thanks again for help.