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  • Speech waiver,

    I went to MEPS on 20140512, Scored a 73 on the ASVAB, scored a 1 on every part of the physical expect for my eyes (2) and speech (3).

    I was disqualified due to my speech. My speech issue is a simple lisp, and the "r" sound sounds more like the "w". People hardly ever ask me to repeat myself. MY recruiter said its BS, and he can easily understand me even over the phone. 95% of people I have spoke with in my live have NEVER noticed the speech issue, instead they've asked if I'm from the UK or Australia (speech sounds more like a accent) or didn't notice anything different. With that being said, does the U.S military expect everyone to sound the same in a country full of different cultures, and races? OR do they just discriminate against everyone that doesn't sound "American"?

    We are going to do the waiver, but what are the chances of it passing? has anyone here had to submit a speech waiver and had it get approved?
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    I have never hard of this before. I sometimes talk like that when I get excited or agitated. Its from when I was a kid and never got completely out of the habit. I know it can be tough. I've meet plenty of people in the Army who either a) cant put a coherent sentence together, or b) you can hardly understand because of thick accents. In basic we had ESL soldiers who barely spoke any English and no idea what the DS were saying. You also have many people from Boston who have a 25-letter vocabulary with no "R".

    If I were a betting man, I would say the waiver would go though... but with the Army you never know/


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      My recruiter has been a recruiter for 13 years and this is the first time he ran into this. The Dr. at MEPS told me to prepare for basic even though I was disqualified for how I speak. Would that be a good thing? as in she thinks the waiver will go through?


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        What is the MOS you're trying to get?

        It's hard to tell but, If you can truly be understood without much trouble, then I think so.
        Below is all there is regarding speech and enlisting.

        Army Regulation 40–501 Standards of Medical Fitness
        Ch2. Enlistment, appointment, induction
        2-27 Learning, psychiatric and behavioral disorders
        i. Any current receptive or expressive language disorder, including, but not limited to any speech impediment, stammering and stuttering (307.0) of such a degree as to significantly interfere with production of speech or to repeat commands, does not meet the standard.
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          91bravo Wheeled vehicle mechanic,