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  • Hello friends

    I need some advice from your intelligent forum please. I have a question regarding waivers, and my MEPS experience. I really want to serve my country, and be a part of the USA armed forces. I have been working with the Air National Guard, and went to MEPS today! I passed everything except I went in with a small hernia on my left side. I had a Dr. Note explaining that I was fine, and had no restrictions. The Dr. Still states that I needed to get the hernia repaired. Also my weight was over, so they had to tape me, and stated I was over on my percentage. Ugh I lift, and work out hard. I'm 6'2 and keep very fit. I do need to lose some weight, but a lot of it is muscle that I work hard to achieve three to four days a week. My tough question is that I have done all this paper work before April 8th which is my 40th birthday. However I need to lose a little weight, and get my hernia repaired (all of this is very achievable, and can be an easy fix). My question is can I get a waiver to allow me to fix these details? I have read that what disqualified me can also be a mine setback that can be repaired. It's a short term problem, that can be fixed. Also MEPS did not just send me home, they had me finish all of the tests, in which I did pass. MEPS just stated to me " You can return and get weighed again, and show your hernia repair, and you will pass". Because I did all of this before my 40th birthday can I get a waiver to allow me to "fix" the problem so that I am ready to go in? Or can I get a waiver for my hernia, and weight? I will continue to work out, and do more cardio. Is this possible to get a waiver after my 40th birthday which is April 8th? So that I may work out these details to be able to serve?? Is it possible to sign the enlistment papers with the stipulation that I get the hernia fixed, and my weight down?? I would not go to training for 5 months or longer. (Aplenty of time to get these medical details worked out). I really want this soo bad! I have a third class medical with the FAA to fly. I want to be a part of the Air National Guard. Please any advice would help??

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    Unfortunately this forum is only for the ARMY National Guard. We are not going to be able to assist you with requirements for the Air National Guard. You will need to bring your concerns to your local Air National Guard recruiter.