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  • High School Future Soldier

    I am thinking about joining Army National Guard, and well my father is along with it but my mother is not. And I really want her to be apart of my decision. I am a 16 year old female and thought about joining when I am 17. I have talked about it to her, all the great benefits and what I wanted to do, like the job. After talking to her she wont even listen and or talk to me about it. As soon as I talk about it or bring it up any military subject, she just gets up and walks away. Mainly, what do I do to get her on board?

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    If it's something you really wanna do than don't let anybody hold you back


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      Have you talked to your local Guard recruiter yet? A Guard recruiter is likely to have some insights into situations like yours. You didn't indicate whether your parents reside in the same home, but if they do, perhaps you could get the recruiter meet with your father? Invite your mom to listen. Even if she says no, the fact that the Guard recruiter is willing to meet with your parents and answer their questions might be helpful in terms of getting her to agree to let you join when you are 17. I hope you can work through this, and that you can do so without harming your relationship with your mom--especially since once you are 18, you would be able to join without her consent.


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        Here is a good thread from a few weeks ago, where a mother expressed some of the concerns your mom is likely having:

        Try to do as much research as you can, ask any questions you have here, and demonstrate to your mom that you're serious about this and you've thought it through.