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Another Waiver Question?

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  • Another Waiver Question?

    Okay, first off thank you for reading this post, it's not going to be very short and I could use all the help I could get from people already in the National Guard or attempting to join. This question is about a waiver I have to get because of a doctor that saw me at MEPS wouldn't believe a word I said.

    I went to MEPS a few years ago, during the medical screening process I talked to the doctor, he saw two (minor) lacerations on my left forearm. He pulled me into his office and asked me to explain, which I did. They were NOT self-mutilation scars and I had them for quite some time. He did not believe me and informed me that if I didn't tell him the truth he could not "in good conscience" pass me medically. I argued with him for at least half an hour before he came up with an alternative, change my paper work and admit they were and he would get me a medical waiver. At the time I was young, frustrated, and ready to get it over with so I filled out a new paper and agreed. Had I known then what I know now, I would of refused and went back to my recruiter. Needless to say he never offered a medical waiver and I ended up not swearing in that day like I had planned.

    Now I'm actually in the process of going through the waiver, but here is a little back ground about me. I currently a Deputy Sheriff and licensed Peace Officer in the state of Texas. I have been in Law Enforcement for a little over two years now, I have a family with two daughters and a wife. I love my job and honestly I could be happy doing just that, but my goal in life was always the military. I wanted to go to the National Guard and do the SMP/ROTC program at Texas Tech University to become a commissioned officer in the Army. I began talking to a recruiter about my situation and he's more than willing to help me try and get a waiver, which I find amazing because in this time now I'm sure waivers are far and few that get approved.

    I know realistically that trying to get this waiver approved is probably not probable and most likely impossible, but for my own sake I want to try and at least say I gave it my all. Being in Law Enforcement was always plan B, my plan A was always being in the military, even now after starting a family and being 24 years old. I am sending in a lot of paper work, including a sword affidavit that what's on my MEPS paperwork was falsified due to the doctor and so far I have five letters of recommendation, some current or ex-military (SSGT Air Force, Cpl. Marines, Retired SGT Army) and a few co-workers/supervisors at my current job (Deputy Cpl. & Deputy Sheriff at my work). I'm working on getting more, possibly close to 10 letters total. I'm not sure if any of this will help, but between that and hopefully a high ASVAB score and college degree maybe they will take it into consideration?

    Any information/feedback you could give me would be greatly appreciated and it doesn't all have to be positive. I understand what I'm trying to do and the likeliness of it is very slim, so something more realistic and constructive criticism would help.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this