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Some health issues? Maybe?

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  • Some health issues? Maybe?


    I met with my recruiter today and everything went really well. Based on my pre-test score of 95% and my bachelor's that I would be a good fit for OCS. We talked a little about how I need to bring my weight down a little and sent me on my merry way with some information.

    I've been reading up on disqualifying issues and I do have mild astigmatism and myopia. The myopia was corrected when I was younger, and the astigmatism is pretty mild. I was also diagnosed with a few anxiety issues in my late teens, but was never treated for them and have thus grown up a lot out of my issues. A lot of it was related to college. I have never been medicated for it nor sought counseling etc.

    I want to join the guard to help people here in the states get through some of the hardest times in their lives. I have seen flooding and tornados and even ice storms ravage communities and I want to be someone that makes a difference in those awful situations. I would want to work maybe in administration or finance, even. I want to also grow my skills and build a career. I currently don't have kids but am planning on it possibly in the future with my partner. I also want to show other young women that they can succeed in the army and be a good role model.

    Thank you in advance for your answers

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    Myopia just means you were near-sighted, so even if you still have it it's not a big deal unless your Rx is over -8.00, a little astigmatism is no big deal either. Personally, I don't know any teenage females that don't suffer from fact, I've met a few that seem to thrive on I wouldn't bother with that if you have never had counseling/medication, as people grow and mature they tend to be able to manage stress better, relieving the 'anxiety' issues. Just remember, they military can be extremely stressful at times, so be honest with yourself regarding the anxiety. Aside from the State emergencies you may be activated to assist with, there is also the possibility of deployment, even in an administration or finance MOS.


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      OCS and anxiety don't mix well as you will be put on the spot often in front of your peers. Only you can be the judge of how much that may affect you.


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        Looks like you are starting out with a positive prospective on joining the Guard. If your myopia/astigmatism was mild and your refractive power for both eyes is not greater than 8.00 diopters, then you have nothing to worry about. It's a sign off courage when you indicated that you outgrow what you were going through in your teens. Good luck and God Bless