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Are age waivers impossible now?

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  • Are age waivers impossible now?

    I went and spoke with a recruiter, he seemed very interested until he found out I was 35 years old, he didn't even take me name or any info and told me it was impossible to get an age waiver. Is this in fact true or was he just blowing me off? If they are still possible can someone please tell me what my next steps would be. I'm not a fan of being told so,etching is impossible, just makes me want it more. I'm in good shape, have some college under my belt, I've never been arrested and never done a drug in my life, and I was willing to ship within the month. I've also got recommendations from a retired Navy Admiral, a current USMC Colonel and a retired Army Captain. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Unfortunately it looks like you are out of luck, according to the sticky posted by one of the mods. I'm sure one of the recruiters here will answer with certainty.

    Looks like you could be 39 and still enlist in the Air Guard though. You didn't say what MOS you want, but perhaps you could find something similar in the AF.


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      Yeah I read that post, and it didn't say anything in regards to age waivers. Unfortunately the ANG doesn't offer infantry or airborn.


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        There are no waivers for age.

        Why would you wait until you're 35 to enlist anyways?

        You can try Naval Reserve too. Unsure what their age requirements are.


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          Last time I checked, Navy Reserves & Air Guard age limit is 39. Also, last I checked back in Feb/March, you could still enlist & ship even though you are already 35. If it has changed since then, I couldn't say. Either way, follow up on it in person at a recruiters office.


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            Originally posted by Jhende View Post
            Yeah I read that post, and it didn't say anything in regards to age waivers. Unfortunately the ANG doesn't offer infantry or airborn.
            Well the ANG looks to be your only option if you want to serve. You shouldn't have waited this long. Perhaps you could join the ANG with a 3 year contract, then after your contract is up get into the Army NG because at that point you will be prior service.

            Also, some states ANG may offer TACP as an AFSC (MOS). Which to the Army is considered a combat arms MOS. The TACP is attached directly to a maneuver unit, typically infantry or armor in order to provide close air support. They get dirty with the rest of us. A TACP may get the opportunity to attend airborne as well. If I were in your shoes this is the avenue I would pursue.
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              I think rather than getting on someone about waiting so long, people should be happy with the fact that someone wants to serve period. I say this, however, as a person who waited to join at 33...why? Because when I was 18 I was too self centered to do it then, and then life, career, etc happened. Sometimes people follow a different path....

              If your heart is set on doing infantry or airborne, then I would agree that you are out of luck. But if its more important that you get to serve in any capacity, then go ANG or Navy Reserves. My husband also waited until he was 35 to start seriously looking into it, and decided to go Navy Reserve. He had an extensive career in computer security, along with a college degree and being very physically fit, wanting to come in and do the new 35Q MOS...they said no way. Ended up getting right in to do the same crypto job for the Navy. He hates boats, and really was more interested in the things we do as soldiers, but in the end it was more important for him to be able to serve in any capacity, rather than not at all.


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                I agree with Solrider. I'm considering enlisting next year and I'll be 31. I was too into myself at such a young age. Hindsight I wish I would have done it obviously, but since it's not too late quite yet, I want an opportunity to serve and experience what I can. The hard part is getting my wife to agree lol.