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Looking at enlisting... decision help?

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  • Looking at enlisting... decision help?

    I am currently looking into enlisting with the National Guard, I feel like the one thing that is holding me back is which MOS to choose. I have narrowed my MOS choices down to three:

    - 09S Officer Candidate
    - 35F Intelligence Analyst
    - 68W Healthcare Specialist

    I am not sure if the National Guard offers the Civilian Acquired Skills Program (ACASP), if they do I could contract 35F and enter as a E4. I have heard that in the Army the 35F is a jack of all trades, but master of none, which is pushing me away from the MOS. I also don't quite understand how a 35F operates in the Guard when not deployed, do you work on projects/reports that active 35F's are doing on your weekend drills?

    I am currently an EMT-Basic student and have been in the fire service for two years, absolutely love the work and am considering a career change into healthcare, possibly going for my EMT-Paramedic once I graduate college. Because of my college credits, I could enlist as an E3, and with EMT school (NREMT) from what I understand, the whiskey school would be shortened.

    The last choice I am looking at would be enlisting as a officer candidate. I have always wanted to be an officer in the military and the state OCS program would be a great opportunity. Just not sure how being an officer works compared to being enlisted aside from the managerial position and more responsibility.

    Another related question, I may be moving states for my job in the next few years, How does the guard work with transfers? I have heard that it is next to impossible for officers to change states/units.

    Thank you for your help, pretty lost here. Wanting to serve but want to be able to do the most good and not just have the Guard as an "atta-boy"

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    The Guard does offer CASP but not for 35F MOS. Not sure how you might qualify regardless. 68W might be an option for CASP if you are nationaly registered as an EMT "B", "I" or "P". You would be accelerated into the seventh week of 68W AIT.

    OCS might be an option depending on how many college credits you have and how well you do on your ASVAB. State OCS is difficult and time consuming. You may want to consider the State or Federal Accelerated OCS but you'll need your Bachelor's first. Also, keep in mind, if you fail out you will be placed into an MOS at the needs of that State.

    You can transfer states easily but may be required to change your MOS if the state you're moving to doesn't have your current MOS nearby.

    Best of luck!


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      Not to hijack this post but can you provide links to regulations on the 68W CASP as my MEPS states that the ARNG no longer allows individuals to CASP but I cannot find anything that supersedes the last USAREC message. I am an NREMT-P as well as an instructor and do not want to attend a portion of AIT learning what I already know. Thanks!


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        I was a 35F in the Active Army for five years. The MOS is not bad but yes, you really do not get to master one discipline. In garrison (while not deployed) I was the s2 NCOIC of my RSTA Squadron. All we did was process clearances and give briefings. Every morning we put an intel news letter together for our Squadron Commander. This was mainly cut and paste news articles from open source. On free time, we would review intel products from deployed units and keep up with what was going on in ASTAN and IRAQ.

        Deployments is where you actually get to do your job. This is where you collect, analyze, and disseminate products. As far as what they do in the Guard....I can't say. I am entering the Guard but choosing a different MOS.

        Do not expect to land that great intel gig with the FBI as an analyst. The experience is great and the tools you are given and taught are top notch but every agency uses intel assets in their own way.


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          Look into 12B - Combat Engineer. My best friend is a 12B and if I am able to enlist that is by far my first choice.


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            Keep in mind if you join as an enlisted and go through OCS or ROTC you can get Officer which your MOS will change and you will have to go through more training.