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Just Starting to Think About Considering, Have a Lot of Questions.

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  • Just Starting to Think About Considering, Have a Lot of Questions.

    So I am 24, female, in decent shape, and I am doing nothing important with my life- thus the reason I am researching my options. I have been researching and researching and still have a few questions. I've never been in legal trouble, with the exception of some speeding tickets.

    I have had some financial issues like falling behind on my school loans. ONE of my questions is about my credit score- can I be disqualified from joining due to my credit score, or would it just affect my MOS options?

    Another question I have is- basic is about 9-10ish weeks... do you have AIT right after that, or do you have to take off more time at a later time to do that? Or does it just depend on the circumstance? I'm just thinking for my job. Are most employers OK with you having to take so much time off?

    One more- After AIT, do you pursue a civilian career in that field, or do you have the option to be employed with the military full-time? As of right now, I am interested in the NG because it is part-time, but I am just thinking if I had the opportunity to advance or became more interested, it is possible to switch to FT and what is the time period on that decision?

    Thanks for your honest opinons!

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    Your credit score would only effect you if you have a job that requires a security clearance--at first. My MOS doesn't and I had to fill out an unofficial application for one anyway, in case I'm needed to get one down the line. Even then, your credit has to be pretty lousy for it to negatively effect you, from what my research has told me. If it's your student loans the Guard has a program to help you repay them, anyway. Depending on your MOS you may have to travel to AIT. My job has BCT and AIT all in one shot. There's usually a Family Day after Basic, then your graduation and then some travel time to your next destination for AIT. You can pursue whatever civilian career you like. You can receieve orders from your state. My recruiter's assistant, for example, receives new orders every five days to continue her current job. If you're on Active Duty Order Status (ADOS) you're essentially a full time reservist who drills with their unit but does other duty full time. Once you complete IET (Basic and AIT) you can get to your unit and speak to an NCO about going on ADOS.