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Recruiter won't call me back re: waiver for vision

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  • Recruiter won't call me back re: waiver for vision

    I've been through MEPS, and got disqualified for my eyes. My recruiter said he wanted to put in a waiver for me, but I haven't heard back from him, and it's been two months. I send him an email every few weeks, not to be annoying, but to stay on his radar, but he never responds.

    Should I be trying something else, or just wait? Should I start talking to a different recruiter?


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    In case it matters, I can see just fine (20/20) with glasses or contacts, but technically, my eyes' diopters exceed the limits. I've been to an eye doctor, and they said that my corneas were too thin for LASIK.

    I played basketball and baseball in high school and baseball and ultimate frisbee in college. Now I primarily bike and run, so my "vision problem" has never been much of a problem for me in the past. I'm hoping it's not a problem now.


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      Were you DQ'd for eye refraction? If so, what were your numbers? Anything over 8.0 requires a waiver. I would contact another Recruiter ASAP. It's entirely possible that your current Recruiter has moved on to another position & didn't let you know.


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        @NYGuardRecruiter: Yes, they were over 8.0.
        I'll contact someone else. Thanks!