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    Going to go ahead and tell the people at MEPs I have taken medication for ADHD (more then 4-5 years ago stopped taking them at like 11 or 12) broke both my arms one time and I have smoked marijuana a few times. 5-10 times to be exact (within this year) and I stopped for good. I've also drank beer periodically. Once or twice every few months nothing crazy. Been to a few parties (like 3). I also stopped drinking and the whole party scene. I honestly dont think I can get the medical records for my broken arms, I talked to my dad and he said he couldn't get them. One was in the 6th grade. The other was when I was like 5 or so. The first break my bone came through my skin. The second break was a compound fracture which required a rod that was removed after a few months. Can they just x-ray them there and say im good to go? Everything is fine with my arms. As for the ADHD I MIGHT be able to get records for that. But not to sure.

    I want a 35P or 35M mos. Should I just kiss it goodbye? Should I also kiss the National Guard and every other part of the millitary goodbye? I'm afraid they will deny me, which is okay, but I dont want some millitary record following me around saying I smoked weed in high school every time I apply for a job. Will that be the case? Better to not even apply?

    If I need waivers what will the process be for that? I heard they can be hard to obtain, but should I be able to get them in a 1.5 year time frame before I graduate? And what if I cant get all the nessecary records?

    If for some reason all of that didn't PDQ me from the millitary and I was eligible for a top secret security clearance would the fact that my mother is a crack addict be a problem? (She doesn't have custody of me but I have lived with her for short periods of time in the past few years. She is also married to a illegal immigrant from Mexico. Not sure how he is illegal if they are married. Could be wrong, he is pretty worried about getting deported though...) My father also has a criminal record I think. My grandfather was a hells angel at one point and I'm pretty sure he has a criminal record to (felonies) My other grandfather is a retired airforce officer of 20 some thing years. One side of the family is pretty clean, the other is quite frankly pretty dirty. Would their f-ups affect me?

    Does a few times of marijuana use disqualify me from the intelligence jobs? If so what other mos's would I be DQ from?

    I am a huge patriot, I love my country and would glady die for what this country stands for and represents. Its my dream to serve in the millitary. But if it's not meant to be please tell me, should I set my goals on other things? Please be realistic and informative as possible with me, no need to waste my time the recruiters time and the militaries time with my application if it is just going to be automatically turned down. Also thanks for taking the time to read about all the skeletons in my closet. Appreciate all informative replies.

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    Using marijuana will disqualify you. Good luck.


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      If you've already decided to disclose EVERYTHING at MEPS, you're going to need ALL documents surrounding your ADHD to include school transcripts. You'll also need all documents surrounding the surgeries, a basic broken bone over a few years ago won't limit you from joining.

      You need to contact a Recruiter and discuss all the qualifications. Qualifying for any 35 series MOS is very difficult, you should first concern yourself with being able to get in.

      Best of luck.