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  • MEPS?

    Hello, I'm a junior enlisting within the next few weeks. My recruiter told me to lie at MEPS (surprise surprise) I was on ADHD medication from the 1st grade up until the 6th grade. Is this a problem? I was off the medication before I was 14 will I need a waiver? I'm going to be frank, I plan on lying about it. I see no problem with this. I have no symptoms of it. Why do they even need to know? I'm not a risk to myself or others and my learning ability is just fine. Seems like a unnecessary invasion of privacy that will only end in headachs and paper work to me. I also broke my arm a few times, the last was in the 6th grade, is that a problem? Had surgeries on them, had a rod put in (taken out after a few months) don't want to spend enormous amounts of time finding documents and doctors just to prove some thing that doesn't matter in the first place. I want a MOS that requires a security clearence, will they be able to find out. What if I *for some unknown reason* forgot every doctor I have ever visited (Which I honestly think I already have)? I just want to serve my beautiful country, not get caught up in all this red tape. Thank you all for the replies, And your time.

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    A Recruiter should never tell you to lie. A Recruiter should advise an applicant what is important to disclose & what is not and what can happen if an applicant decides to disclose something like being on ADHD meds when they were in elementary school.

    To answer your question, "Why do they even need to know?" The don't.

    I'm not sure how you're going to get away with not disclosing a surgery that included placement and removal of a steel rod. Don't you have scars? The docs at MEPS will surely see them.


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      If it won't affect you physically or mentally, it's not worth mentioning. Although it is illegal, there is no way for them to find out about your medical history unless you tell them. Be aware that doctors are able to recognize if bones have been broken or affected, so if it's noticeable, get the medical documents relating to the injury. If you don't get the medical documents, they will make you come back on a later date. If you can't remember the doctor (s) then I recommend you ask your parents or talk to your insurance provider.