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Is the National Guard granting ADHD waiversm?

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  • Is the National Guard granting ADHD waiversm?

    Hi my name is Kevin I'm 20 and I'm currently a senior in college majoring in accounting(will take CPA exam after graduation). After I graduate this year I would like to enlist in the National Guard as a linguist. However I was diagnosed with ADHD at around age 12 and I was on and off Adderall until 2010 when I graduated high school. I never needed it to function properly and in 2011 my psychiatrist declared me ADHD free. I also went through college without using it or any special accommodations. I recently visited an Army Reserve recruiter(he was closest) and he told me that although I am an exceptional candidate otherwise my former ADHD is a huge barrier to joining.He also told me that there is a one year minimum after you get off the drugs and by the time I will start the process I would be drug free for about 3 years. My stats are a 2.2 GPA in high school and a 3.1 GPA in college(so far). I have no criminal record(except two speeding tickets), history of drug use or tattoos, or any other medical issues that would require a waiver. I am also fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean so the ARNG wouldn't need to train me in that regard.
    My questions are:
    Is the National Guard(or any military branch for that matter) granting medical waivers currently or in the near future?
    Would the fact that I would have a college degree and knowledge of 3 "hard to learn" languages give recruiters and MEPS to give me a waiver?
    Also in the meantime what can I do to make myself a more attractive candidate for the Guard?

    I really just want to serve my country so any advice would be appreciated. Also I checked the forums for questions with similar circumstances as mine and I can't find any but if missed any threads I apologize. Thank you for your time and responses!

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    Waivers are in general hard to come by these days. My best buddy got a waiver for a DUI for the Naval Reserve in '10. He had a similar situation otherwise to you: college degrees, fluent in Mandarin. Ask an NG recruiter. And good luck, the Guard would be lucky to have you.


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      They can't find out about your medical history unless you tell them. If it's life threatening, I recommend you tell them, if not use your judgment to determine what to do. They can't search through your medical history, it's illegal. If you show no signs of it, then why would you mention it?


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        That's what I thought Spiritsrhigh. I guess I'll just keep waiting hoping for the economy to improve so maybe the guard will be more willing to process waivers in a few years or so. Ricardo I'm damn sure they'll find out. All they would need to do is call my pediatrician and I'd be screwed. Besides, I want to serve because it is honorable and lying to get in isn't my idea of honor. I just wish they'd give people with ADHD a good look. It's not like we are non functional people. And most kids my age were misdiagnosed.