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  • A few questions pleasein


    I have a few questions I need answered, all feedback is appreciated. I am 17 in high school, my name is Chris. Today while eating lunch I noticed a national guard recruiter, so out of curiosity I decided to ask him a few questions. My first question, could some one please explain the G.I Bill? How much tuition does it cover? What makes you eligible for it? Does it apply while I attend college or must I finish my commitment?

    Secondly, my recruiter basically said to lie and say I have never tried weed before. He didnt *officially* say it, but it was very clear on what he was implying. He said if you admit to it you are automatically DQ and can never join any millitary branch. I really want to serve and I find it stupid such a insignificant mistake be scrutinized so much. Is this true? I cant find any evidence of this on the internet. Hypothetically speaking if I did take marijuana and lied about it and I wanted to be a linguist (Requires a security clearance) would I be polygraphed before I could get it and be caught in a lie? If I *did* smoke weed before can I just be honest and admit I made a mistake? Would I get in?

    Thirdly he stated this, if I enlist I cannot be deployed while in highschool (Which makes sense) but he also goes as far to say I cannot be deployed if I am a full time college student which sounds like total BS. He also said I am basically guaranteed the job I want. More BS? Is the recruiter making money off each recruit? Is there some kind of motivation he has for wanting me in?

    Thanks to everyone who gives me feedback. God bless.

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    First of all, is he your Recruiter or just a National Guard Recruiter that set up a table at your school?

    The Montgomery GI Bill pays a certain amount directly to you, the student based on the amount of credits you've enrolled for. Ex, 12 credits = Full Time = $365 per month for 36 months. Federal Tuition Assistance is available and some states also offer State Tuition Assistance to ease the cost of college.

    Concerning the one time use of weed. It's POSSIBLE it could DQ you from some Military Intell jobs. One time use isn't likely to DQ you from any job requiring a Secret Clearance or less.

    It sounds as though there was some confusion on your or the Recruiters part concerning deployments during college. If you are contracted in ROTC while in college you are non-deployable. Otherwise, once you have completed AIT and are MOSQ you can be deployed. Keep in mind, deployments don't just pop up with little warning, the Guard typically has at least a years notice prior to deploying so you can plan your education around that.

    The Guard can lock you into a job as long as you qualify. For example, if you told me you wanted to be a 35F, Intelligence Analyst I would find a vacancy within a reasonable distance and hold it for seven days with your name & SSN. If you go to MEPS, get a qualifying ASVAB score & pass the physical, the job is yours. Unless of course you divulged that you smoked weed frequently.

    Sounds like some serious trust issues between you and this "Recruiter". Hope this info helped. Best of luck!!


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      The trust issues are my fault, I'm just a little "cautious" I want to make sure I know what im signing up for. He was a recruiter set up at a table. It was not a one time use, it was about 7 times over the course of a year or more. I stopped doing it for good and have no plans of ever coming into contact with it again. I know this sounds wrong, but would it be better to just lie? Is it really a big deal? Would they find out I lied when I tried to get my security clearance? If I tried to get a higher clearance would I be polygraphed?

      Also I plan to be a officer, if I enlisted 6 years and joined a ROTC unit, after I get my degree would that automatically bump me up to a officer? Or do I need to finish that commitment first before I can receive my commision as a officer?

      Thanks for the replies I appreciate them.

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      No Recruiter should ever tell you or any applicant to lie.

      That being said, I will lend you some insight you let you make the decision. If you decided to tell the security interviewer at MEPS that you smoked weed seven times you are not likely to get a Top Secret Clearance. Unless you tested positive during your urinalysis for marijuana, there is no way MEPS would know anymore about prior drug use other than what you tell them.

      Concerning ROTC. Once you contract with ROTC you will be released from your current Guard contract and sign a new one. Once you graduate you would be commissioned as an officer.

      Best of luck!!