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  • Background check

    I enlisted 2 weeks ago, yesterday I got a call from a lady (Office of Personnel Management) and we sat up an interview date.
    So.. my recruiter never told me about this clearance/ background check (I tought they would run standard thing with FBR to see if I ever had any problems with the law). So all answers to that clearance form were taken from my enlistment worksheet. And I was not very serious about them. There's no lie, it's just now one person I listed as reference says he doesn't want his name to be on that form. And I must say our friendship is not that strong right now.
    I want to change his name to someone else. Is it still possible?? Would it be too strange if I just explain to interviewer that he doesn't want to be in any papers like that, or that's kinda weird??

    I never had any criminal record, never was stopped or anything. I'm a green cardholder.

    Sorry if someone asked this before, I couldn't find.

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    Just get another name, address and number and just tell the interviewer you want to use that contact for that time period.


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      Thank you! But she didn't allow that though. She said I can't change anything, only add more.

      During interview I found that there were SOOO many mistakes! My recruiter never explained anything to me and didn't even let me fill this form myself. There were statements I've never made, like I've known some people from my references since 2000, and this is not true and I have never even said that. Missing info, misspelled and all that.
      Why would you do something like that? I mean my recruiter... I have no problems filling out forms.

      Are they really gonna call and meet with someone I know? At the beginning she said she will, but then, when I couldn't remember someone's phone number she said that's fine, or like person left country and unavailable - she said that's fine...
      I have absolutely clean criminal record, not even a ticket, never been stopped or anything. It's almost 5 years since I left country last time, though I have GC.
      At some point in time though I was out of status.. Is that something they will look into? My MOS does not require any security clearance.