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Potential Recruit... Need Medical Question Answered

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  • Potential Recruit... Need Medical Question Answered

    I'm 30 years old, successful small business owner, husband and father of two !

    In 2000 I fractured my C1 vertebrae during a football game. Wore a neck brace for 3 months and healed up perfectly.
    Around 2003 - 2005, cant really remember, I tried to join the Army. At MEPS I stated in my medical history this incident. Per MEPS request, and out of my own wallet I needed to have a MRI done to prove my neck was okay. Which it was. I received a waver from my doctor but after all that and $5000 out of my pocket, MEPS denied my enlist due too being "high risk".

    After all these years I still dream of serving in the armed forces. Texas Army National Guard Reserve.

    I believe I was denied due to the high amount of recruits enlisting post 9-11.

    Is it possible to try to live my dream again? Have requirements been lowered for enlistment? Would it be worth my time to go after this again?

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    Re: Potential Recruit... Need Medical Question Answered

    If you have any new medical documentation or information to submit you can attempt the med waiver again.

    Otherwise, I would advise you to contact another service Recruiter and see if they're willing to submit a med waiver request for you. Each branch has a different process. Just because the National Guard denied your med waiver doesn't mean the Army Reserve will.

    Best of luck!!