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Chances of getting a waiver in ohio?

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  • Chances of getting a waiver in ohio?

    Hey so about 4-5 years ago *Sophmore year* I got caught with Prescription drugs on me at school, I was arrested and sent to court where I let the judge know I was only holding them for a friend which then resulted in us both getting drug tested He failed & I passed so my charges where automatically lowered.

    I have talked to marine recruiters,Who have all told me the Guard will probably be my best in regards to receiving a waiver, It was a mistake which should have never even happened, So basically im just curious what you guys think do I have a good chance of getting a waiver since I passed all *seven* drug tests they had me take & because my offense got lowered.

    or am i pretty much gonna be in the same boat as with the marines and not get one?

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    Re: Chances of getting a waiver in ohio?

    Don't take it personal but the Marines have and always will be especially picky. You're going to have possibly a slightly tough go on finding a recruiter who wants to send it up. One of the recruiters on the board may chime in if it is an automatic DQ. It doesn't hurt to try though, the worst they can do is say no. "Closed mouth don't get fed...."