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Been a year since I last posted...thinking hard about joining again, need questions answered

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  • Been a year since I last posted...thinking hard about joining again, need questions answered

    Hey guys, so it's been a year since I spoke with a recruiter. I learned some valuable information about joining the guard and everything beyond that. We got to the taping process and I was taped at 31% bf weighing in at 219 lbs and 6'0 tall.

    Well, I haven't been eating as much as I used to, and I haven't really exercised much but I managed to drop down to 203 pounds in which my recruiter said I should be between 196 - 205 lbs to make tape.

    I taped myself and I actually do make tape, and everyday I tell myself I am going to go into the recruiter today and get everything squared away, but there are questions I would like to ask everyone else before I go in and ask my recruiter the same thing. So, to begin

    1. Would I make it? My mom likes to think of me as a person that quits everything. Some what of it is true because I catch myself quitting things because I like to expect fast results which doesn't happen, and I know that, so I am trying to change this. I dropped out of school and got my GED right away. I haven't ever quit a job or anything important (besides school) but I quit more of the other things like working out for example. I am off and on with that. I am hoping to join and be able to overcome this way of doing things by joining the Guard, hoping it will help me break that habit. I go all out for the first week or so, then I don't achieve what I am hoping to achieve, then I lose all motivation to continue so I end up quitting. I guess I set my goals way to high and have little to no patience.

    2. Since I got my GED, I have to take an additional test to the ASVAB called AIM I believe. Is this hard? How should I study for both the ASVAB and AIM?

    3. My mom likes to also think of me as a momma's boy. I would come to her with all of my problems, and I admit I was probably a little spoiled to much being the only child. I haven't had much friends ever since I left school simply because I am not the outgoing social person and avoided hanging out with them as all they wanted to do was drugs/party and everything else.

    4. Since I am not a very social person and I tend to keep to myself a lot, usually only speak when spoken to, would that make my experience at basic and after basic terrible? I have no problem holding conversations with people, but I have a problem starting them as I really have nothing to say to begin one. I worked customer service for 3 years and had no problems what so ever.

    5. This is what scares me about joining. I can follow directions and do them as told, but I have a really hard time understanding what I am supposed to do even right after they tell me what to do unless they tell me straight out what needs to be done. For example, I will understand something if they say "Don't let anyone come down this path" and I will stick to that. But if they were to say something such as "stand here, then move over here, then do this and that, don't let anyone down this path" I won't really understand it, pretty much what I am saying is I don't like things to be oversaid if that makes sense. I just like to know what needs to be done and I will do it, I don't want to hear anything extra that doesn't need to be said. Plenty of times at work I have had this happen to me, and I end up screwing up somehow because I will overthink what I am supposed to do because I was told to do a whole bunch of useless stuff added on with the simple job I am supposed to do. Will this be a problem? And if I happen to have ADD or something, is there a waiver for that?

    EDIT: PERFECT EXAMPLE right here of question #5: My boss says "Don't let any cars come through the workzone, I have so and so standing up here watching this lane, and he will be sending cars down to you, then the other person I have up on another lane will be holding the cars getting ready to send to him. They will send the cars blah blah blah blah blah, when I get back you can have the cars follow me."

    Ok, so what the hell did you just say? All I understood was don't let cars come through the workzone until you get back, so why did you gotta add all that other unneeded crap into it. I don't need to hear it, I just need to hear the simple fact that I don't let cars go until you get back.

    I appreciate all the answers, this will help me make my decision!
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    Re: Been a year since I last posted...thinking hard about joining again, need questions answered

    One of the best things you can do for yourself is enroll in college and get credit hours. This way you don't have to worry about scoring over a 55 to enlist because you have a GED. Also, this may be the task you need to get you "motivated" to complete and not give up.

    My recruiting SGT always asked me "how bad do you want it?"

    I wanted it bad enough to drop 74#'s and enlist the day before my 35th birthday.

    The ball is in your court....
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