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Is the National Guard difficult to join...

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  • Is the National Guard difficult to join...

    as a single mother? I have one child. Both the father and I are on our son's birth certificate, and we both live together as well with our son. Although we are not legally married, his father plays an active role in his son's life. There have been no official custody orders put into place concerning our son, but his father is having some trouble paying child support for his older son from a previous marriage. Would this play a factor into my ability to enlist into the National Guard? Would it be difficult for me to join the National Guard?

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    Re: Is the National Guard difficult to join...

    If you are a single mother, you will be required to complete a Family Care Plan outlining who will care for your children while at training. You do NOT have to give up or transfer any type of 'custody' just have a designated guardian (it can be the father...I had to select someone else as my husband is in the Guard as well) for training and if 'called up' for an emergency or, of course, deployments.

    Being a single parent will not 'get you out' deployments or training, which is why you are required to make arrangements for care prior to being allowed to enlist. Your State TAG will then approve (or disapprove) a waiver for you to enlist as a single mother. It is not a difficult process, you just have to show you have a plan in place for training, etc so it will not become an 'issue' and it will also give YOU peace of mind so you can better concentrate on your training.

    Your child's father'a child support issues would not effect YOUR eligibility.

    The SEARCH function can be a BIG help (Family Care Plans, Single parent, etc..) I feel like I have answered this question 3 times in the last couple days...


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      Re: Is the National Guard difficult to join...

      Thank you for answering! I really want to enlist, it has been a dream of mine to join the National Guard since I graduated high school 4 years ago. I certainly didn't expect my status as a single mother to get me out of deployments, but I know that a lot of other single mothers(and fathers) might have expected that. I used the SEARCH function before, but I didn't know if my child's father's custody issues would affect my eligibility to join, so I figured I'd start a thread