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Have Aspergers, don't use meds

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  • Have Aspergers, don't use meds

    Hi everyone! I have done some research on whether or not having Asperger's is a disqualifying factor for joining the Military. When I was in Elementary school(I was in 6th grade at the time....I honestly don't remember my age at the time) I briefly visited a Therapist who diagnosed me with Asperger's Syndrome. I was prescribed Anti-Depressants for a little bit, but after awhile it became apparent that they weren't really needed and I no longer took them. I believe this happened at around the ages of 11-12, but I no longer take medication at all....for anything, I am currently 21 now.

    I have had 2 jobs(still in one, however it is part time) and can handle myself quite well in society, I do not have depression and socialize at a very good's pretty minor, really.

    I have tried to get in contact with a recruiter recently, but he has proven to be extremely busy and I am going to continue calling again tomorrow, but I would like to hear a bit about my chances and such. I don't really want to waste my recruiters time, and I have heard many conflicting stories over internet searching, some people say I shouldn't even mention it due to it being so minor, others say that it eventually WILL be found if I do and that I will be kicked out regardless of how minor it is due to lying. Some people say it is an immediate DQ; others say it does not DQ you if you have not taken any meds related to it for at least 5 years, others say it is a definite ''waiver required'' situation and many also say their loved ones have joined the military as an Aspie and were good people.

    I've read the ''Misdiagnosed with ADD'' thread, it was a great read! I think my situation differs slightly as I have at one point taken meds regardless of how long ago it was(and wasn't really necessary) and am worried about how many people are saying to lie about it. Any kind of comments on my situation would be appreciated.

    Oh and I think I should also point out:
    I have a high school diploma
    I have never been in trouble with the police
    I have never done drugs, ignoring the Meds I took at that time
    I am in good health and have no physical conditions

    EDIT: I have gotten in contact with my recruiter. He asked if if I had any kind of medical conditions, I told him I had Aspergers and the story of how I have taken medication a long time ago, he said he's probably going to put me down as not having anything because at this point me having it is pretty irrelevant(I haven't needed medication or had any problems) and that they're not just going to check my medical history like that. Does anyone have any further insight on this or should I just go with what the recruiter says?
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    Re: Have Aspergers, don't use meds

    I'm a licensed mental health professional and am confused by your treatment. We typically don't treat Aspergers Syndrome with antidepressants. Depression is not a symptom of Aspergers Syndrome. Aspergers is something you can't just "have" or "had" at one time; it's a lifelong disorder that can't be "fixed". Just from what you have shared, it sounds like you have been misdiagnosed. I would have another reevaluation just for your own sake. Hope this helps!