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Losing Weight To Join NG

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  • Losing Weight To Join NG


    I am 24 years old and male I have a strong desire to join the army. I have always had a large amount of respect for the armed forces and I have a very military active family. I made the decision on my 24th birthday that I was going to join. Not that I want to or it would be nice, I decided that if it is in my power it will be. I started at a weight of 312lbs and that was on April 1st and today I weigh 271lbs. I have consulted a doctor and he says I am medically fine to lose weight and coached me on proper weight loss.

    I know that meeting the weight is very difficult even for fit people. I was told to focus on my body fat percentage. I had a recent measurement by my brother who is in the National Guard and my height is 71 inches and neck tapes in at 18.8 in and waist at 45in. When I review the DOD directive on body fat it stats I need to be fewer than 26% BF. According to that same document I need to lose 3more inches to measure in at 25% BF.

    Here is my question. I donít know what to do, A lot of people say go talk to the recruiter and see what they want to do. The honest part of it is that high school in my area just graduated and the recruiters donít put any review towards me. I contacted the recruitment office and over the phone they said weight for my age and height is about 185 come see them then. I donít know what to do. If that is what I have to do then so be. If body fat tape is a real way to get in the military. I feel I could work for that just to get my enlistment taken care off. Then I can continue focusing on loosing weight. Any suggestions would be great.

    In advance Thank you all

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    Re: Losing Weight To Join NG

    You're on a path to mediocrity, my friend. Focusing on the bare minimum entry standards is never a good course of action. You want some advice? Keep losing weight. You're 5'11" and weigh 271 - you're significantly overweight and not fit for military service in your current condition. You need to lose a lot more weight in order to pass your tape test. The problem you're going to run into is passing your PT test. The ability meet height/weight/tape does not correlate to physical fitness and capability to serve.

    My recommendation: Keep working on your nutrition and fitness. When you can pass a PT test, you're probably in a position to go see the recruiter.


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      Re: Losing Weight To Join NG

      I'd recommend at least getting into tape range before you start working with a recruiter. You'll need to, at a minimum, pass tape before you can enlist. Start running. Can't run? Start with the couch to 5k - it'll at least get you moving and start to get you moving in the right direction.

      Start watching what you eat now. Sign up for sparkpeople, get on a diet plan (and stick with it). Lose weight. After that, worry about getting in.

      You've made some good progress -= keep it up.


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        Re: Losing Weight To Join NG

        You're obviously not going to get down to 185 lbs, that's just not realistic. You can, however, lose another three inches off your waist in 2-3 months.

        I would recommend contacting a Recruiter to ensure that you're qualified otherwise. If that Recruiter blows you off, feel free to contact another. Many Recuiters have their share of overweight applicants and can/will often times work out with them or get them together to work out. It's always easier if you have someone else to workout with and help push you.

        Best of luck!


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          Re: Losing Weight To Join NG

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            Find active friends. Find people that will drag you out to do more active things. It doesn't have to be much, but any exercise even walking around the mall is better than none. Learn some exercises tips Here