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Medical question and curiosity....

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  • Medical question and curiosity....

    I am 26 years old and have been a Police Officer for 6 years here in Texas. I had planned on joining the military after high school but found out my girlfriend at the time was pregnant and ended up not going... Long story short I have since regreted not joining the service and have always contemplated joining even though now I have a wife and three kids with a career. How feezable is this? Can I serve like the commercials say and still be there for my family? Will I feel proud of the service I am doing or is this not worth the time?

    Medical question: I have had a double hernia surgery for inguinal hernias on both sides. I have fought professionally in MMA/Boxing/BJJ since I was 17 (and a little before that). I hold my departents record for the physical fitness test and I have never had a problem with the hernia surgery since I have had it. Will that keep me from joining? I have heard several say that NG won't even consider me with a prior surgery like this and others say I can join as long as I pass MEPS and Dr's visits etc.

    How do I get a bonus for signing if it's even still possible? (Not why I'm joining but it would be nice to make sure my family was taken care of if I do join)

    If anyone has any insite into any of this let me know. If, out there, there is an officer that joined under similar circumstances as mine that would be cool to hear from you as well.


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    Re: Medical question and curiosity....

    You'll require medical records, but your hernias should not preclude you from enlisting.

    Bonuses are quite rare since the draw-down and not large if you do get them.

    In 3 days I will have enjoyed my military service for a full 25 years, but it has its pros and cons. While deployments should be on the decrease you can never tell the future and if you are not ready to deploy to close with and engage the enemies of the United States, then the military may not be right for you. However, as a police officer that is unlikely to be a problem.