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  • Joinng The National Gaurd

    Well I am a 19 year old former high school athlete, male. I'm considering joining the national guard because cant seem to find what's next in life. I have always wanted to join the military, just never took the next step. Also because I"m not sure how I will last thru it all. I have taken up smoking and haven't worked out in awhile, I am around 5"7 & 140 pounds. I'm no stranger to hard work and physical pain, being that I have played sports and worked hard for those accomplishments. I just don't know what to expect from the national guard. Any Advice?

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    Re: Joinng The National Gaurd

    Start working out today. Not just for the purpose of conditioning for basic training but for your own health.

    Don't be so concerned that once you join, you're going to ship to basic next week. If you were to join tomorrow, you're not going to be able to ship until Oct/Nov and can push it out further if you like. This will give you plenty of time to get into decent shape. You don't need to be in great physical condition when you ship. Our requirements, to ship a male to basic is 13 push ups in a minute, 17 sit ups in a minute and run one mile under 8:30.

    First things first, contact a Recruiter to ensure that you're qualified. Best of luck!!


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      Re: Joinng The National Gaurd

      What do you mean "Last through it all"? If your used to hard work and discipline then you are ahead of a lot people. When it comes to Basic Training you can't smoke, so this will give you a good reason to go ahead and quit. As NYGuardRecruiter state, begin working out. Start running, walking, doing pushups, situps and generally getting active again.

      Not many people at the age of 19 really know what they want to do with their life, but you can start by asking yourself some basic questions. Do you want to work indoors or outside? Do you want to be in an office or out playing in the dirt and trees? Do you want to work with computers or machines? Do you want to lead people? Do you like routine office environments, or do you like jobs where every day is different.

      I am sure that none of this breakthrough questions, but really think about what you enjoy doing then go and take this to the recruiter. That will help in the process. Good Luck.


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        Re: Joinng The National Gaurd

        Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for the advice. Ill be taking the next step (talking to a recruiter) this month. I've stopped smoking and started running 4 times a weeks since the week of this post. So I believe I'm ready to see if I have what it takes!