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I need some info.

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  • I need some info.

    Hi I am a 25 year old going on 26 male that is 6'1" 260 pounds. I have lost 40 pounds so far and still working on loosing the rest of the weight. I have an A.A.S. degree in criminal justice (3.81 GPA 100 college credits currently). I transfer to a four year university in September to start my BS in Mathematics teaching. I will not be taking any classes in the summer. Would I be able to enlist and do my boot camp stuff during the summer break and complete most MOS training during summer break and fall quarter?

    I have at least 10 months to a year to reach the height weight requirements but I am not sure what I should actually be other than thin and trim. The chart guide ive seen said I can't be over 195 pounds for 73 inches tall. I am built like a line backer with a very large frame and I think that my ideal healthy weight would be closer to 215-220 mark. If I walk into a recruiting station at my ideal weight and I am over 195 pounds am I auto disqualified or is that only a guide line or something they can waive if I am obviously not overweight?
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    Re: I need some info.

    Your max weight allowable is 200 based on height/age provided. You can be heavier but when taped your body fat percentage cannot exceed 22%.