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Dental "Surgery" question

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  • Dental "Surgery" question

    Hi, I got temporarily dq'd at Meps because I had too severe of cavities, well according to my dentist the only way to sufficiently fix them so he will sign off on me being able to join is to pull 4 of them and make a partial to cover those 4 teeth. (coincidentally it's the most expensive option as well....) So here's my question, since they have to pull the teeth and it's technically "Surgery" do I have to wait a certain amount of months to "Heal" from it? My recruiter said he didn't know and acted as if that was the end of the conversation so I thought maybe I could get some insight from you guys and gals. I mean I did great on my asvab (93) and the physical/eye exam/hearing, except for my teeth so it's a tad bit annoying to be at a complete stand still and have no answers about how long a wait I'm looking at or if I'm just outta luck permanently... I've literally gotten no answers from my recruiter.... it's frustrating since it's my future we're talking about... Help?

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    Re: Dental "Surgery" question

    No, if you can solve your den class issue there is no "wait" period.