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Am I eligible?

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  • Am I eligible?

    I have two offenses, one a DWI when I was 16 and two, a simple possession of marijuana when I was 18. I am 23 now with no more offenses, working and going to college with 41 hours, a GPA of 2.5 in pursuit of a criminal justice degree. Will these offenses DQ me from the L.A. Natl. Guard?

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    Re: Am I eligible?

    Possession is a current DQ.....

    A Recruiter will probably chime in, but expect to hear the same.


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      Re: Am I eligible?

      Thank you, that’s what I thought, I have one more question does getting it expunged make any difference at all.


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        Re: Am I eligible?

        No b/c on the MEPS paperwork, it specifically asks you "Have you ever been charged...." and then goes to ask "Have you ever had your record expunged.....".

        Mr.Incognito will chime in, but I think it's safe to say that while having it expunged will make your civilian life easier (don;t have to report it, etc), it still hurts your enlistment.


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          Re: Am I eligible?

          Originally posted by WP002 View Post
          Thank you, thatís what I thought, I have one more question does getting it expunged make any difference at all.
          In the eyes of the military, deferred prosecution, expungement, sealed offenses, pardons, and other types of "I did it but its not on my record because I was (circle one) a first timer, pretty, slept with the prosecutor, paid off the judge, am the son of the governor" are all considered convictions.

          The only arrests the military completely overlooks are those what were acquittals and dismissals WITHOUT PREJUDICE. (This means there were no conditions, like probation or drug classes for example).

          With all that said, you don't specify if you were convicted of either offense, if you were than TxIntel is giving good "intel".

          With even that said, if they were only arrests or arrests with conviction it is still highly encouraging to get them expunged if your state allows you have a long life ahead of you and that could only help, not hurt.


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            Re: Am I eligible?

            Thanks for the Intel Tx, as for the offenses I should have been more concise, I was convicted on both, however as a stipulation on the latter’s guilty plea the charge would have to be expunged free of charge after a certain number of years without any offenses. There were other stipulations that gave me a more favorable outcome in the case, but the only prejudice that gave me the advantage was the prejudice of the shoddy arrest. This however is irrelevant the charge is still there and will always be there in the eyes of the military and law enforcement. It’s a shame that stupid kids don’t realize the consequences of their actions until their grown.
            “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”