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  • Timing question/advice

    I've been on here for years off and on and have yet to sign because, quite simply, life happens.

    Now I'm in the middle of a two year medical disqualification for having a cardiac ablation due to WPW. In September 2014, I'm able to apply for a waiver.

    My question is: I was told having LASIK is a 6 month DQ. If I were to utilize my two year DQ to its full 'potential'...would it be a good or a bad idea to have LASIK done during the time period that I'm already DQ? Or would it make it that much more difficult to get in with having to submit two waivers? I've been considering having it done for quite some time, but never did because I didn't want it to be a military DQ. Now that I was lucky enough (sarcasm) to have an ablation done, I have to deal with waivers anyway, so I thought about looking into it a bit more seriously if it won't cause a problem enlisting.

    Any advice would be great. Thank you!

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    Re: Timing question/advice

    I actually had a waiver for myself for the same exact condition. I had mine done in 2003 and re-upped in 2009, so I didn't have to wait. WPW is fairly rare and you are the 3rd person I've met who has had it. Crazy.

    I would go ahead and knock it out during your wait time. You have 2 years so just make sure you get it done before the 1.5 yr mark or else you'll have to wait some more. Having 1 med waiver 2 doesn't matter. The one for the WPW is actually a fairly easy one. Once you have it, they'll send you to a doc consult who will make you do a monitored stress test. Once that comes back good, the local doc at MEPS signs off on it. LASIK is pretty simple too...

    Good Luck OP.


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      Re: Timing question/advice

      Thank you for the reply. I was actually curious about how difficult a waiver is for WPW too, so you answered that question as well. I've been completely cleared by my cardiologist as of December and I never have to see him again (unless there are issues, of course). I didn't even know I had the condition until I was in police academy. I was always one for great timing...

      I appreciate your input. I'm going to look into it seeing I'm due for an eye exam anyway.

      I was told by my recruiter that I could take my documentation to MEPS and try to get around the two year DQ, but that doesn't seem right to me. It seems like a way to get my hopes up only to have them crushed because if there's a DQ period, then there's a period for a reason. I'll just focus on looking into LASIK and getting well within standards between now and Sept 2014.


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        Re: Timing question/advice

        I didn't find anything in AR 601-210 (I suggest you download it... wealth of knowledge) that would suggest anything but a 2 year wait after successful completion of catheter ablation. Your recruiter could try to put it in early, but I don't think you'll have much hope. But maybe.

        I think your plan of getting LASIK now and getting ready for 2014 Sep is probably the smart thing to do. I would get ALL records from your cardiologist.


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          Re: Timing question/advice

          Sorry to bring this back up, but I have another question.

          I possibly have some unexpected financial stress coming my way and if I'm not able to afford LASIK now, how much of a hassle would it be to get it done while enlisted, but before leaving for BCT? For example, could I sign and between RSP drills get it done as long as I cleared it with the cadre?

          There's a possiblity that this financial non-sense won't be an issue and I can get this done like planned, but I'm trying to have a backup idea just in case. I would just prefer to not have to deal with glasses and rx inserts at BCT/AIT. I've had contacts/glasses since 4th grade and I'm pretty over it!