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Astigmatism and Hernia Surgery

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  • Astigmatism and Hernia Surgery


    I'm 18 years old, very excited about the prospect of enlisting. I'm a little skinny, but I'm fit and healthy and I came into MEPS (cocky) expecting to be sworn in on that date. Never had any major injuries and my only problem is that I wear glasses, but my eyesight isn't bad. However, I had two problems at medical screening:

    1. I have astigmatism that was measured exactly at 3 in only one of my eyes. I need to get consulted on my eyes. If the eye doctor finds the same results, will I need a waiver for that measurement? What are my chances of getting a waiver?

    2. It was unknown to me, but I had received surgery as a child to fix 2 hernias as a result of me being a premature baby. The doctor noticed two faint scars in my pelvic region (I'd never even been able to notice them) and told me that they were probably from hernia surgery and so he would need documentation. I talked to my parents about it and I had received the surgery at age 5. If I'm able to get the documentation and get a letter from my doctor saying I'm physically fit and medically healthy, will the surgery still be a problem?

    I don't know if this will affect my chances of receiving a waiver for my eyes (or surgery), but I did well on the ASVAB. My AFQT percentile score was 96. My lowest army composite score was 122, mechanical maintenance, but it was a lot lower than my second lowest, operators and food, which was 127. All the other composite scores were 130 or higher.

    I want to serve my state and my country. I'm currently working on getting the information for the MEPS doctors, but I'd just like to get some second opinions on how this could pan out and things I can do.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Astigmatism and Hernia Surgery

    your astigmatism should not be an issue if it is around the 3.00 range. I enlisted with a 4.25 in my left eye and still qualified for combat arms except for Forward observer. As long as you can see 20/20 with glasses usually you're good to go. no waiver needed.

    prior hernia surgery shouldn't be a problem either. though I would clarify this with someone else here on the forums


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