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Misdiagnosed with asthma

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  • Misdiagnosed with asthma

    I have been misdiagnosed with asthma after seeing an allergist for allergies to California. I have been medically disqualified and told by the my recruiter that there is nothing that can be done. After several months of searching on the internet I find out that I can take a methacholine challenge test to show that I do not have asthma. I then request from the same doctor that diagnosed me with asthma to do the test only to find out that my test is negative for asthma and any other reactive diseases. I fax and email a copy to my recruiter who tells me that the National Guard does not revise their decision. I have read that you can have a waiver placed but only through the agency that you went through. I have faxed my information over to DODMERB and when I look at my status it says pending but how can i get a waiver when my recruiter will not consider it. Is there someone else i can talk to.
    Thank you for your time
    Tonya R.N/P.A

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    Re: Misdiagnosed with asthma

    To me it honestly sounds like a recruiter who doesn't want to take the time, because waivers can be difficult at times. That recruiter may have a lot on their plate too, you just never know.

    It sounds like a simple med-read by the MEPS doctors though, as in your recruiter (or your new one) sends your documents showing you are clear up to MEPS, the doctors review your file and the new medical documents, then give you a GO or NO GO to enlist. It may require a waiver to be processes as well, but since asthma and medical waiver stuff is fairly common I could almost bet there the "National Guard does not revise their decision" line you got was BS.

    Find a different recruiter.


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      Re: Misdiagnosed with asthma

      A med waiver can be conducted anytime there is new documentation. It really doen't take much work on the Recruiter's part, the MEPS GC's do nearly all of it. All the Recruiter needs to do is get a new 22-3 Request for Waiver signed and submit that along with supporting medical doc's to MEPS.

      Find another Recruiter.


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        Re: Misdiagnosed with asthma

        Walked into MEPS and had ASTHMA written on your fore head.........diarrhea of the mouth will get you every time!