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When I Grow Up I Want To Join The Military

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  • When I Grow Up I Want To Join The Military

    When I was five, my new step dad was in the air force. He was always bragging how I wanted to be a pilot in the Air Force. My parents said when I was about ten, and I still had that dream, it would depend if I ended up with Bipolar. I ended up being diagnosed as bipolar. My dream was crushed. I was devastated, I loved fighter planes. My parents divorced lost everything. Well my bipolar got worse, I was needing to be hospitalized, I was having suicidal thoughts because of the way my step father was treating the family. (no detail needed) Anyways, I had them until last year, I had my nearly permanent death expierence. I took pills and overdosed at school, ambulance had to be called I had a seizure and went intio cardiac arrest, went down a few seconds and came back. I got the help I needed and was diagnosed as Borderline Personality Disorder. I was treated with both behavioral and DBT therapy. I learned coping skills and different techniques, I had to find that worked for me. I have been free of everything. I am happy as can be. I haven't ever had thoughts or anything. I am on medicine. I understand why it is wrong, I understand who it will hurt if I did. I have matured so much faster being out of school. I had to drop out, the school advised me to. They thought it'd be best online, or GED. Not because I am not inteligent, it's because I lost all my credits being gone so much, I was stressing I was so behind. I didn't do online, because I have to have somebody in person teach me. I see some of my old friends sometimes, they think I am no fun anymore due to being so mature. I decided to apply for the National Guard, because I wanted to go somewhere with my life, accomplish things, be proud of myself. I want to prove the people in my family who keep telling me I am going to fall, wrong. I want to prove to myself I can do this. I want adventures, to be in 100% shape, I want to learn more. I want to be able one day to tell my grand children the adventures I had. I didn't rethink about joining the military until the other night.

    So, I have questions I need answered? And sorry about the long post. I just couldn't get my thoughts together and ask my friend who is an Air Force Instructor. If I absolutely have no thoughts about suicide and haven't since I was in the hospital, are they going to not let me join? My meds, I was told the meds I am on, they aren't going to let me join, do I talk to the military doctor? I was told a psychian can't change my meds or take me off, otherwise my physician would. Then my friend whose in the marine he told me his doctor did. So I don't know all what the military phsycian does? Is bipolar or BPD going to be in the way? Nobody ever notices I have it, except my family. Will the military help me get my GED or do I get that first before joining? And my Mom said I will never be allowed to touch a gun, because I was in long term care in the hospital. The contract I thought asked if we owned a gun. I read it. I'm not stupid, I don't want to die. I enjoy life. I'd enjoy it more, being in the military, but my Mom's boyfriend said with my medications, it probably won't happen. To be honest I think it was more of an attention seeking thing I did. I know it's wrong, if I want attention I know how to do it in positive manner. I have real reasons for joining the National Guard. I could name a lot more. I lay here at night wondering all these questions, I need answered somebody please help me out? Thank you.

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    Re: When I Grow Up I Want To Join The Military

    I can't comment on your condition(s), but you cannot enlist while on meds and without a GED or HS diploma.


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      Re: When I Grow Up I Want To Join The Military

      Thank you.